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    Original 1997 pink and yellow, original from Hong Kong pink with blue numbers/buttons angel pink, 4 connections (2 english, 2 american), 2 v3's, 5 v4's, 2 v4.5's, 4 tamagos pink, purple, white, black, 10 gotchi figures, a yellow tamagotchi p's, 5 tamagotchi friends and a white idl.
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    Tamagotchi P's
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    Kiraritchi; Kuchipatchi
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    3 tamagotchi friends, 1 p's, 1 idl, 2 tamagos and 1 v4.5
  1. I am strongly considering purchasing a device to use with Blinky's app. I really would like to find something around $50, if possible. I can't find a buy it now nexus 7 tablet on ebay. I've seen several of the nabi dream tab 8s around this price. I'm in the U.S. can anyone in the U.S. recommend the nabi?
  2. I played on there today. I was limited to 2 games. I won 150 total gotchi points. My tama was not connected. I was unable to download a good Japanese key word app to enter codes. Any keyboard suggestions?
  3. Has anyone or is anyone able to translate the speaking when tama m!x is in the lab?
  4. My tamas arrive today! Impatiently waiting...

  5. What are you putting in for a search? I don't see them when I search "tamagotchi". I have to search "tamagotchi m!x".
  6. Thank you Antiscian Cats! I am so excited for mine to arrive Thursday. :-)
  7. My tamas have shipped!

  8. I placed an order for a pair of Tamagotchi M!x...I got a space and melody on hlj. I was slightly confused when checking out though....sooo excited!

  9. I have the same problem. I was using it fine and now it's not working. :/
  10. I have the same problem. I was using it fine and now it's not working. :/
  11. My American Galaxy S5 was working with the app when it first came out. Now it no longer works. :/ anyone else have this happen? Any solutions?
  12. Blinky's 4u app was working on my Galaxy S5. Recently reset my phone and downloaded the app, but it's not working...any suggestions?

    1. lemonboops


      Did you make sure NFC and Android Beam is on? They might not be on by default after a reset.

    2. riss2004m


      I did...I'm in need of a new phone and would like to get one that works with the app but I'm confused by all the phone codes. Any phone suggestions?

  13. Mine upgraded after using the app to download items.