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  1. will the samsung e900 work on the network 3? Also if a phone says it is 3g does it mean it works on 3 or if has features like video calling?
  2. Thanks everyone i dont need a recipe now so a guide can close this topic now
  3. Thanks for that it s useful and maybe i'll use it later but right now i just need one for chicken mayo wrap. Thanks again.
  4. if anyone knows a recipe for a chicken ad mayo wrap then please quote it from a website or pm me the webiste. It must include method/system, ingredients needed and equipment needed and approximately how many people it serves. I have to get a recipe by this saturday. Thanks
  5. You only get to choose your teacher for school. For pre-school you automatically get the nanny.
  6. Sorry, but unless it's a glitch, you can't get twins.
  7. Well, i used to leave my Tamagotchi for 6.5 hours on full hearts and it wasn't dead when i came back so yours shouldn't die aswell. I used to leave it from 8:45-3:30.
  8. There are 20 games altogether 5 games-> when you get to the teenager stage. 6 games-> when you get a job, connect-work. P.S you can't get all 20 games; you can only get up to 6 games at a time. The sixth one being your job mini game. For the souvenirs- you get them of tamatown.
  9. Actually, the game your explaining is Mimic.
  10. Ok, for example if a star is falling, then you have to change your shape which is at the bottom of the screen to a star with the "b" button, when it's a star you have to see which side it's falling on; if it's falling on the left side and you have matched the shape press "a" to shoot the matched shape,and if it's falling on the right side and you have matched the shape, press "c" to shot the matched shape. P.S You have to do that before the shape gets to the floor.
  11. Oh, so all you have to do is reset-download them.
  12. I had the [!] mail about half an hour ago, yay,at last!, and i chose the area guide job;the one where you drive the bus dodging flowers. dancingkayley:The mail comes at random times for everyone;i know because the mail comes at different times everyday for me.
  13. There it was, the [!] mail, i graduated from school then another [!] mail, to get a job;i was so happy, but then i was looking at which job was which and that's when it happened... My tama started shaking its' head then it came back, so i have no job right now... and I'll have to wait for another [!] mail. P.S, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic... So sorry if it's in the wrong place.
  14. That is one weird glitch, maybe you should contact Bandai and tell them.
  15. yes, i think there in tamatown, I haven't checked it though.