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    Michelle's profile.<br> <br>My interests? I have many. Too much to list, actually. So, i'll begin with my main ones.<br><br>Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, anime, SasuSaku, Edward Elric, NaruSaku, anime, naruto, FMA, ranma 1/2, ryoga hibiki, ranma saotome, screamo music, j-pop music, rock music, cyber buddies, annoying people, being stupid, roleplaying, talking on the phone, my love alyzabeth<3(lol, no im no lesbian, i just call her that), my other love araceli, my babe jackie, my sister valerie, my cyber sister natalie(xD), smilies, emo music, the color black, gerard butler, alphonse elric<3, gaara, itachi, karin, sai, Sasori<3333, myspace, flixter, bobby jack brand, chatrooms, boys, girls, gum, kakashi, obito, winry rockbell, best friends, candy, chocolate, idiots, class clowns, vance, angel, edward, coby, Blood+, Bleach, hentai, tamatalk, tamagotchis, books, manga, movies, FMA movie, Naruto movie 1-3, lots lots more.<br><br>I'm going to 8th grade!!<br><br>Favorite song: Lost Heaven<br>By: L'ARc~en~ciel

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  1. I actually find it hilarious and I end up cracking up whenever I find a really funny sentence using chatspeak.
  2. The longest word in the English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  3. FullMetal Alchemist n_n Ranma 1/2 Chobits Bleach Inuyasha Blood+ Strawberry Panic Kodocha Naruto Shipuuden That's all I can think of. I know alot more, though.
  4. Age doesn't really matter. It's called acting. In my opinion, he acts really good n_n Just because he's 30 doesn't mean you have think of him the wrong way o_O' I hate it when people do that.
  5. Naruto is way too popular. But i promised myself it would always be my #1. 1. Naruto 2. FullMetal Alchemist 3. Ranma 1/2 4. Bleach I watch a ton more but those are just the main ones.
  6. Heh, now I'm in love with Edward Elric. Stupid roleplay. xD i'm married to him. ^___^
  7. True, Sasuke kills Orochimaru. But somehow, Kabuto brings him back. Heheh. <___<'
  8. Completely agree with all that you just quoted. -.-
  9. Did I just hear, Naruto becomes hokage and marries Hinata? *cough cough* No, you have it all wrong. NARUTO IS NOT A ROMANCE SHOW. And if Naruto is going to go out with someone its going to be Sakura. Because he has alot of interest in her and stuffs. xD Anyway, I know alot more spoilers, since I read the manga. Some of those that you're telling me are not true. o_O
  10. xDDDDD I'm sorry, that had me laughing really hard.
  11. I have to agree with Tamagirl_Desy and the rest who agree with her. All of you are laughing, and calling her a wimp, but really, it sounds immature. That doesn't make her a wimp. Everyone cries, and at some point at time, everyone wants their mom. Anyway, I sort of feel bad for her... but then again, she deserved it.
  12. Whenever I fall asleep with my MP3 on I tend to have really weird dreams. Anyway, here are mine: •Take a shower •Get on myspace, TT, Blogagotchi, etc. •Turn off laptop •Watch MTV for a bit •Turn off TV •Daydream, till I fall asleep.
  13. I like both, but if I had to pick I'd pick after. You look amazing.
  14. It'll come out soon. Hopefully on DVD.
  15. There is more to love then appearance. For example, me. I'm in love with a guy. Not the best looking one, but I love him for his personality. >///< I think he might like me back. Anyway, just try to get to know this boy, please. -.- It seems as if you're just aiming on the looks(which you are).