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  1. "FireCracker hasn't added any friends yet." lawls you have no frands

  2. Nahh man! he's gonna come back as a zombie :> I said yes to the abortion and picked C LOL
  3. anti-flag ( Featuring Ben Kowalewicz) - Wake Up The Town
  4. Its probably because you did something wrong.
  5. Shes not a true friend... Especially when shes picking sides :/
  6. I can't pass the validation test :l
  7. Omg yes Dx Ocarina of time was FREAKY! Especially the redeads! they be scary xD Also i agree with the smash bros thing. It should be rated E not T
  8. Get more makeup tell him i love him (but he has a gf atm :/) See Billy Talent live
  9. I'm a very lazy person x-x especially when i wake up for school i'd be like "UGGGGGG I DUN WANNA WAKE UP Dx"
  10. The movie probably had something to do with billy talent ;3