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  1. Just been playing way too much League of Legends :3
  2. Oooh I like this. I picture you to have long dark hair and dark eyes. Not tall, but not too short. You seem like a pretty person so I imagine you are rather attractive. Maybe olive skin, not super pale.
  3. Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'm always happy to meet tama friends so it's cool that you live close!
  4. Wow it's been a while! Oops.... I'm not the greatest with keeping up with this like I used to. A lot of the reason is probably due to my really bad addiction to League of Legends right now...I've been playing way too much. The season started over a few days ago and I was placed back in Bronze II after my placement games. I was kind of mad but 3 days later and I'm already in my promos to get back into Silver. Nothing but Zyra support. 70% win rate right now. Flying out of Bronze! I have a good adc friend that I've been playing with and we are a great duo. Hoping to make it to Gold this season! Anyway let's see...I did wind up getting my paper done. It wasn't the most glorious thing in the world, but it met the requirements. My teacher wasn't thrilled with it, but I'm avoiding dealing with that until school starts back up I still have a week left! This has been such a long break. My goodness. I haven't practiced as much as I should, but I have been making a lot of reeds. I'm selling a couple to one of my studio mates tomorrow. I got the most gorgeous reed thread for Christmas and it has really motivated me to make reeds haha. What else...oh. We have a new reigning Drag Supermonster!! Biqtch Puddin' won Dragula! The finale was amazing. All 3 finalists were incredible and each of them really deserved to win. I'm very happy that Biqtch won though, because she had a really great attitude throughout the season and showed a great amount of perseverance and growth. I love her so much. Can't wait for season 3. As for tamas, I'm trying to remember what was going on last time...Zukitchi died at age 16, which is pretty normal for him. I hatched that tama again and just got Mimitchi this morning! Most everything is identical to Mimitchi on the original tamas, except that on his happy face, the proportions are a little different. The feet are smaller and his torso is shorter. The normal animation is exactly the same though. Very happy to have Mimitchi on a 2017 model. I had 2 Mimitchis for a couple of hours today, but then my black and orange Mimitchi died while we were driving to get food. He was 22. Lived a great life. One of my Mametchis also died today at age 20, but the other one is still here. Not sure why there is such a difference in death times between the two. Smiling Angel is still here! He is 12 today. I've paused him quite a lot because I don't like to take him out of the house much because I don't have a case for him. I'm very happy to still have him though. I wasn't sure that I really liked the character when I first got him because all of the animations are the same, but he's grown on me and I'm kind of attached to him now. He is very optimistic all of the time....haha. I wound up getting Nyorotchi on my mini this time and he changed into Oyajitchi a couple of days ago. I had considered resetting when he changed, just because it's kind of boring having an oldie every single time, but I think I'll just let him live out the rest of his life. He's kind of cute anyway My 2 Tamagotchi Pluses came in the mail a few days ago! I love them. I hatched both and have Ichigotchi, one of my favorite characters They are 4 years old with full discipline. They have been well cared for, but I probably won't wind up with Mametchis. We'll see though! I think that about it. Just waiting for school to start now. I've met up with my grad friends a few times over break because most of them came back early. We went to hear the Cincinnati Symphony play Mahler's 1st symphony last weekend! It's one of my favorite pieces and my school is actually going to perform it this coming semester! It was a great experience. Last night we went to a Mexican restaurant and then had drinks at a bar. I had pineapple vodka. First time trying it and I liked it! I think I still prefer cranberry though.
  5. It is possible to get unhealthy characters from Tamatchi if you take bad care. How high was your discipline? Did you let the hearts empty out a lot? I've gotten Tarakotchi from Tamatchi before by taking bad care.
  6. Waiting on a couple of Tamagotchi Plus (Japanese V1) from JYW! Haven't bought a connection in forever and I really like the V1 and both of these designs. The V1 was my first tamagotchi
  7. Hi. I've talked about them a lot in my log, so you could check that out if you're interested. The link is in my sig. The past couple of posts have discussed them. I went over the differences between them and the originals. Hope this helps
  8. Enjoying the log love to see other adults playing with tamas....I'm 22 so I know it's not the most common thing haha. It's also really cool that you write, especially horror! I'm reading Lovecraft's short stories right now. Love a good horror story. I hope you continue to enjoy your tamas. The vintage ones are definitely my favorite.
  9. Guess who still hasn't started that paper?...... Had a fun day with Jared! We went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. It's called the Golden Dragon buffet. I always eat so much there. My favorite is the hot and spicy chicken and the black pepper chicken. So good. Of course I get tons of low mein too. It was wonderful. After lunch, we went to the mall to look around a bit. I bought some new clothes and some really cool classic horror movie playing cards. Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They are really cool. I also really like the clothes! Spent a little too much considering the tama purchase I just made...but oh well. Oh yes, I bought a couple of new Tamagotchi Plus from Japan You Want a few days ago! They were really cool shells and I just got paid so I went for it. Haven't bought a connection in so long so it was kind of nice. I'm sure I'll be running those when I receive them Sadly I had to pause some of my tamas today, so they weren't all able to come with me. I left Smiling Angel and the two Mametchis at home. Mimitchi and Zukitchi accompanied me along with my chibi. Bill died last night and I hatched a new mini egg. The death sequence takes FOREVER on the chibis! My goodness. It only beeped for a short while, but Bill was face down on the ground with a skull hovering over him for a really long time. Not sure exactly, but probably at least 5 minutes, maybe longer. I'm neglecting the poor chibi this time to get a different character. Should have one tomorrow! Just got the notification that my connections have shipped! So excited. Us at Golden Dragon Mimitchi, Jared, and I watched Little Shop of Horrors...Zukitchi fell asleep before it started. It was Jared's first time seeing it and he really liked it! Great musical. I absolutely must write my paper tomorrow. No more league, no more boyfriend, no more anything. It's getting done tomorrow! Farewell and wish me luck.
  10. Just a little update. I have a paper due on the 7th and I haven't started working on it. What better way to procrastinate than to write? My tamas are all very happy and healthy. The new "no snacks" rule really does wonders for their physique. All super slim and looking good. It's a shame it's so cold out, I'm sure they'd love to show off their rockin' beach bods The Mametchis are very cute as always and it's a joy to have Zukitchi swimming around the screen once more. Bill is still hanging on at age....old haha. Really wish it at least tracked age on the chibis. Oh well. Dear Mimitchi is doing very well at age 17. I make sure to spend some extra quality time with him, as he is more needy than the others right now. And I just love having him sit right by me all of the time. So cute. As for Taraten, I did wind up getting Smiling Angel! So, I suppose good care works for getting him just as well as bad. I always took good care of Taraten and kept his AP high. Smiling Angel is quite interesting because every single one of his expressions are exactly the same animation. Happy, sad, flying over shooting stars, sleeping....always the same. There is something slightly unnerving about seeing him asleep but still looking very much awake...I'll have to take a picture sometime. Kind of like how Zukitchi sleeps with his eyes open. I guess I have a little bunch of weirdos haha. I had a lot of fun playing League last night. Made some friends and we won every game we played together! I've been playing pretty much nothing but support lately. I really like support. I have a really aggressive play style though, so I like to play high damage poke supports. Zyra is my main and she single handedly carried me out of Bronze in like 2 weeks. So good. I recently started playing LuLu and Morgana support again. They are both really fun. I like Soraka as well, but she's not the most fun champ. Anyway, I seriously need to stop playing so much because I have a lot of work to do ugh. I'll show off Smiling Angel before I go!
  11. Log updated. Info on the new 20th anniversary P1 and P2s and much more!

  12. *ATTENTION: ALL OF THE PHOTOS ON MY LOG CAN NOW BE VIEWED BY DOWNLOADING A CHROME EXTENSION - google photobucket broken links fix chrome and click the first result. Downloading this fixes all of the broken pictures!* Hello everyone! My break from school has been so nice. I've slept a lot, played lots of League of Legends (still stuck in Silver though), and had lots of quality tama time! I've also made a bunch of reeds and practiced. Very relaxing break And I still have a whole month left to go! I haven't done a whole lot. I stay at home mostly, but sometimes I spend the night with Jared when he's not working. I've also started playing more flute. I was relieved to discover that I hadn't lost my high notes I'd really like to take some flute lessons though. I think I've done pretty well for being self-taught, but I really struggle with articulation. I think I have a really nice tone and vibrato and I can play the full range easily, but the articulation is just really weird for me. Maybe I'll get my flute friend to teach me a bit. It's a very fun and stress free instrument! Probably because there's no pressure for me to actually be good at it I'm planning a trip to my old school in the next couple of weeks. I'm going to go see my friends that are still there and spend some time on campus. I really miss it. I'm so excited to see Camilla and play oboe with her! It's been too long. I'll also visit Emily. She's living in Cleveland now. Very excited! But not excited for the drive...I've never done it alone. Oh well, I'm 22 years old. I should be able to drive 4 hours in the same state. hahaha..... Tama life has been really eventful lately! I hatched my new yellow Tamagotchi Angel and the three 20th anniversary tamas from HLJ as soon as I got home. There was a lot of drama with the 20th ann ones at first. Basically, I discovered that if you feed too many snacks, they will die early! This didn't occur to me right away because snacks don't effect the originals at all. On my first hatch, all 3 tamas died around the same time even though I'd taken perfect care and they had full discipline. The weight was also low on them. The were age 3 Marutchi. I was completely freaked out. I hatched again and the exact same thing happened! Some people on the Facebook group suggested that maybe I try not feeding any snacks. I did this and everything turned out fine! So now it is confirmed that feeding snacks will cause an early death. I'm not sure if it can happen in the teen or adult stages yet, but I'm not really interested in finding out...just no snacks All 3 changed into adults yesterday! I have Mametchi on both of my P1s and Zukitchi on my P2. I could have sworn that I took better care than that on the P2, but perhaps there are differences in how to obtain the characters. No matter, I love Zukitchi and I'm happy to have him back I'll go ahead and note the differences between the re-releases and the originals that I've noticed so far. First of all, the button response is wonderful and there is no longer a delay. Everything is crisp and fast. The screen is easier to see. It is more vibrant than the originals. I think some of this has to do with the background being a little brighter. There are many more opportunities for discipline. Seriously, if you can't get a full discipline bar on these, something is wrong with you. In the teen stage, they called for discipline 4 or 5 times after it was already full. They also get sick more often that the originals. Normally, the originals would get sick and it signaled that they would change the next day. These just kind of get sick whenever. So you have to keep an eye on them. I've also noticed that there seems to be a bit of randomness to them. Despite being hatched at the exact same time, they have different poop schedules, call for discipline at different times, and get sick at different times. One of my P1s seemed to always be ahead of the others for no apparent reason. It changed into an adult HOURS before the others did. Identical care was given to all of them, so I don't know why. They also seem to take longer to grow. I got adults at age 7 and usually I get them at age 5 or 6. These are the biggest difference I have noted so far. I'm sure there will be more to come! In general, I really love them. The updated processor is such a huge plus. You don't realize how slow the older ones are until you experience this. I'm going to avoid feeding snacks for as long as I can to make sure they don't die early. I don't really see how it can be avoided when they start getting really needy though. We'll see what happens. In addition to the new ones, I having been running my black and orange P2 and red clock P1. I got Mimitchi and Ginji! Sadly, Ginji left me at age 14. I slept in and when I woke up he was gone Mimitchi is still doing well at age 15. My friend Emily bought me a 20th anniversary chibi for Christmas! I was very happy because I never managed to find on in the stores. I'm still running it. Got Mametchi and she changed into Bill a couple of days ago. No way to really track the age, but I'm sure he's pretty old now. As for the Angel, I got Oyajitenshi and he later changed into the secret character Otonoten! I had never had either of these characters, mostly because it is so difficult to actually take bad enough care to get them. I basically just only cared for it enough to keep it alive. Then once I got Oyajitenshi, I took perfect care and kept the AP up. With the angels, I think the biggest factor is the AP. Not so much care. Otonoten left me a few days ago at age 10. Not sure if it was just his time to go or if I accidentally ignored him for too long. Oh well. I've been playing a lot of League and it makes me a sometimes forgetful caretaker. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of him before he left oops. Anyhow, I hatched again and got Taraten this time! I took the usual awful care of Maruten to get Takoten, and then took average care of him and kept the AP between 30 and 39. It worked perfectly. I really was just focusing on the AP, not so much care. This is why I think the AP is the biggest factor. I know that you can get Smiling Angel from Taraten, so perhaps I'll get him. Kat from got him by taking bad care of Taraten. I've been taking decent care and keeping the AP high. I'm not exactly trying to get Smiling Angel, but if I get him it will be a surprise! Oyajitenshi and Oyajitenshi shakin' that booty Taraten and his silliness I have been running my Santaclautch all this time and it is now time to retire it until next year. I need to wrap up the Santaclautch log soon. I had a lot of fun with it! Also here is how everyone has been transported lately...can't carry them in my pockets anymore! (I know I'm ridiculous) Other things...I'm really excited for Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars 3! It starts at the end of January. Can't wait. Also, my favorites made it to the top 3 in Dragula! James Majesty, Biqtch Puddin', and Victoria Elizabeth Black. They are all so amazing. I think it would be really cool if Biqtch won, but I'm thinking James will take it. Have to wait until the 9th for new episodes...that's a bummer. Well, I should probably go and make some reeds now. Ugh.
  13. Each character has a set life span. But it can die early if not well cared for. Without pausing, the longest one can live is 22/23 depending in when you hatched it. This is Mametchi/Mimitchi the healthiest characters. The more unhealthy the character, the shorter the life. Tarakotchi and Kusatchi only live to about 7.
  14. Fix your Photobucket pics! Download the chrome extension.