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  1. I like memetchi! I think they are really cute and thats what I want. Brushing its teeth? Looks like its having a cup of coffee or something to me. LOl That thing next to it looks like a coffee mug or something... Hmmmm
  2. Can this hatch wait until sometime in September? Or something. I don't know when I will get a new tama and I keep missing the hatchings.
  3. Hey I saw the commercial yesterday. It looked just like the one on that site.
  4. Ok looks like I won't be joining any group hatches right now. I was able to check walmart near me today and they don't have them at all. Not even the other virtual pets. In fact they hardly have any toys. Im kinda disapointed and angry .... I was really looking foward to joining a group hatch. But oh well what can I do?
  5. Yea or her which ever the case may be... And just to let you know if you don't know already. Black = boy white = girl. Mine is a girl. Oh and congrats on your new tama!
  6. Yep thats normal. They become teens really fast aparently. If this is a usa connection then from what others have said around 3 it becoms an adult...
  7. I was kidding Lol! My sleep is WAKCO right now. I mean messed up bad lol. Tring to get on a better sleep schedual. It doesn't loook like I can make it to the other hatch which I was actually looking foward to. Maybe I can join this one... I honestly don't know though. Will have to see. I will let you know.
  8. LOL... Ok haha. No more cause we are like sooo off topic now lol.... Maybe admin can close and or delete it now. It seems like its umm dead. Or should be...
  9. Hmmm I thought this topic was done....
  10. It works for me too... You might need Quicktime to see it.
  11. Oh also if you punish it and doesn't need it it gets TICKED OFF! And if you priase it for no reason nothing seems to happen. At least thats what happens for me...
  12. Also praise if its just sitting there crying or begging. Mine was crying before and I praised it and it became happy.
  13. Hmm my summer has been kinda sucky... Until I got my tamagotchi plus! Yay... But still its kinda boring. *sigh* I have a rather sad life.
  14. The only thing about getting these umm "poor" characters is having to "forget" about its needs a bit. Thats hard to do lol. I mean I do forget from time to time but well.... So far I have keep its hearts completly full. None of the heaerts have emptied. And the only time it has beeped was when i first started it and when it needed to be scolded or punished. There may have been a time or two it beeped but mostly it just seems content to hop around the screen. The only other time any heart was empty was right before it pooped I just so happen to look and one was empty and after i stoped looking at the health screen. It had wavey lines so i took it to the potty and the one heart was filled again. I want to be a good parent but apprently to get a different character you have to be a "bad" or simi bad parent lol.
  15. The tamagotchi time fairy set your clocks!!!