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  1. School isn't just for learning spelling and math,it teaches us communication skills on how to make friends and learn about each other.I met most of my humble friends that I have today in school,only a few outside.School is an important place to be in,you need alot of the things you learn in school to survive in the real world,you learn how to make change so you don't get ripped off,learn how to add and subtract numbers for bills,words so you can talk,without school,face it,we wouldn't learn anything and we wouldn't make alot of friends.
  2. Eh.. I know!I can't believe that those types "Rule the school".
  3. It may be an Infection.Try cleaning your ear with alcohal,it may stop the swelling,also,try not wearing earings,if you do wear them. SC1994~
  4. I am terribly sorry I hope that you and your sister are feeling better<3 God Bless, SC1994~
  5. Have you paused your tama recently?Maybe this has slowed down the p r o c e s s.... //SC1994
  6. Yeah,they are like that at my school,I have lots of friends,and people "seem" to like me. //SC1994
  7. Ok,some people think that populars are stuck-up just because they don't hang out with the less populars.Who agrees with that?I kinda do. //SC1994
  8. Popularity,at my school,means wearing clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch,American Eagle,Hollister,Limited Too,and Aeropostale,wearing makeup,lipgloss,eyeshadow,making fun of people for sitting with losers. But OMG,the populars were sitting with the losers of my grade,and people were laughing at them kinda. //SC1994
  9. I sometimes wear make-up(Eyeshadow,Lip-Gloss).The populars are just like that,they will only like you if you are popular. //SC1994
  10. Yeah,but all I am seen by the populars is a freak!I just want them to accept me,invite me to parites,shopping,and tons of compliments! //SC1994
  11. Thank-You so much Admin for donating your time to fix TamaChat! for us.I like this new version because it gives us members the ability to make our own rooms. //SC1994
  12. Nice!You have an awesome talent //SC1994
  13. Popularity in my opinion is a group of girls who are well-liked and are always talking //SC1994
  14. Hello,I was wondering,is anyone popular @ school/or work.I am not,and I am taking baby steps and becoming popular. //SC1994