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  1. ok! thanks!! i was soo worried that it got screwed up after i did the little...operation...
  2. oh yea btw im talkin about a v4 here... PLZ REPLY!
  3. im just curious cause i own 4- two v2s, 1 v3, and 1 v4.
  4. if you ever did any sort of "operation" that could be the problem (on your tama, i mean :P)
  5. wait was your tama an adult? because that happened to me when my tama was an adult :huh:
  6. that happened to me and i was like but what you have to do is get one of those symbols that are in your little "menu thing" (where you see how your tama is doing, like happy/hunger, ect) and get the number beside one of them(the pencil, flower, or diamond) to 100. to do that you have to play games and then the next day when you get you [!] in the mail, if one of you symblos number is over 100 you'll get a job!
  7. ok i hope my tamas not screwed up but when you talk to someone on the cellphone, -err when i did anyway- the other person would say something like .'.'.' <--thaTS what would be in their speech bubble! and then they'ed say something like ok. or good.
  8. That happened to me but on my v2!! everything i feed my tamagotchi is balls!!
  9. yea i'd like to know that too