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    Stuff. HTML code, drawing, painting, stabbing people with pencils and dabbing paint on their shirts, Tamagotchis, Naruto, debating randomly, yeah.<br><br>I run the almost well-known Tamagotchi Cool. Over 1000 members and lots of posts. Yay.<br><br>PM me to be my friend.

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  1. Forever in the heart~

  2. Lol, thanks! BTW, I know it's kinda repetitive, but I modelled it on the Hatsune Miku version. xD But the animation DOES change!!!
  3. I recently made a Mametchi Ievan Polkka video for fun. :3 Animating it was really easy but I found it to be very cute. xD Do you guys like it? Please do not steal. Animation is mine~
  4. Hi. I live in Canada, eh! My contest idea is that we should all think of some new catchy slogan for Tamatalk. McDonalds did it with "I'm lovin' it"....Why can't we? Each member can only submit one entry and the winning one will be used! -- Good luck everyone!
  5. Oh all the guides I've read, they've said that the baby keeps half the parent's points after the parent died. My first generation left, but did not leave any points whatsoever for my 2nd gen. So right now, my poor little Hitodetchi is broke. Is this normal? If it is, can anyone tell me how I can get some fast points on my V6? Thanks, because once my tamagotchi is a teen/adult, it won't accept the baby's milk/baby food.............So I need the gotchi points to buy food.
  6. Well, I hope so. EDIT: Ok, I can get ON now, but I can't go to my apartment or anything.
  7. Does America include Canada? I know that sounds dumb, but still.
  8. No. Stomp on them and yell "WOOHOO" at the top of your voice. Uh, I dunno what to do.
  9. Do I have to say it? Sorry, it's not a good word....