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    Playing my tamagotchi! :), school, sonic the hedgehog, my friends, playing, being silly, being class captain, relatives, and animals.P.S: I LOVE POKEMON!

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  1. This site was a major part of my childhood, and reading all my old posts made me laugh and remember in nostalgia. I'll never forget this website and it getting me through my first years of High School. Thank you.

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      :D And thanks to you for being a part of this community!
  2. Been a while since I've been back to this site. Wow.

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      Hey, I remember you! :)

  3. Agreed with _Flame_. Seriously, why research when you're world will die anyway? Live your life, but NOT by trying to guess when your world is dying please. Besides, it's funny how much people believe in this. On this day, I'll eat some chips, watching tv, and happy that I finished high school. ~SG~
  4. Wow, haven't been on TT in FOREVER. Anyways, I'll do what the topic starter did. My life story would be "The eh life of Indy. Based on a true story." xD My school life this year would be called "Kill me now: The Worst School Year Ever." (Trust me on this, I'd rather be stabbed with a fkn butcher knife over 1000 times through then do it again. I could write a best selling novel over it and I am not joking at all. 9 MORE WEEKS, JUST 9 MORE TILL' SCHOOL ENDS FOR THE YEAR. T_T) My general school life would be "The funny random tales of Indy. (and no, not Indiana Jones.)" My social life would be called "The epic adventures of Indy's friends." My home life would be called "Life is like bubblegum. Wait until it pops one day, then your life falls down the toilet." Lol. My life in the Summer would be called "THE HEAT: A true story." XD ~SG~
  5. -Some thing called "Vizworld". O.o -Christian singles. o_o -And an Aussie millionaire secret. Nice selection. ~SG~
  6. 9-12 You should be about 9-11. You like playing games and with your toys. You have many friends to enjoy your endless amount of free time. ....I'm 13 turning 14. Wow, I need some growing up to do. xD ~SG~
  7. THE STACKER IS EVIL. EVERYTIME! I'm on the last block, I press STOP and it ends up NEXT to the stacking block and I lose. BULL. POO. But I won at the claw game a couple of times at the movies. The claw game is rigged though. I played it at the milk bar, and I got the krusty doll, it was at the end. It was going to drop it, but decided "Oh, I'll make this person waist her money! >" and it FLICKED IT TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MACHINE. WTFH! I love the U.F.O catcher. It ISN'T RIGGED! ZOMG. O: (And it has Sonic on the prize door! -shot-) ~SG~
  8. My Stuffed Animal: FLUFFY THE SHEEP! I've had him since I was 5. <3 Ill keep him until I die (or until it's turned into a wrecked animal. Estimate: NEVAAAHH!. xD) My Shirt from Primary School everyone signed. Charm Bracelet my Granny gave me. <3 And some other stuff. ~SG~
  9. Mostly Mornings. I dunno why. I just do. ~SG~
  10. I learned there's a super-rare E-Pitch for Mermaid Melody on Ebay for 150 dollars which I can't afford and I'm not allowed to shop on Ebay. .....DANG IT ALL. >.< ~SG~
  11. I learned that a Crossant is absolutely DELICIOUS!! I need more.... >.> ~SG~
  12. Maybe it would be better if we had an weekly meeting in Tamachat? No money needed. xD I would like to wear that shirt. "This is Surfer_Girl from TT" YESH. PERFECT. Awesomeness. ~SG~
  13. Go Girl! Books. They are so true and well-written. ~SG~
  14. This has got to be the most funniest one I found. XDD (This isn't the first, but I wanted to share.) ROFL. XDD BUT ANYWAY.... Here's my first one: WTF was wrong with me back then? XD ~SG~
  15. Oh, I remember this call for a prepaid plan from this Indian guy. XDD God, I still remember it: Me: Hello? Indian: Hello, we are here telling you, you can get 20% off your Optus plan you have now! Me: o_o we use Telstra, not Optus. Indian: Oh. Well, would you like to buy a Pre-paid mobile from Optus anyway? Me: Um.....No thanks, I already got a phone. Indian: Oh. -Hangs up- I told that story to my friends in an Indian accent and they cracked up laughing. xD Oh! I remember this other call I got: Me: Hello? Robot: YOU HAVE WON A NEW HAWAII CRUISE! CONGRATULATIONS! Me: .__. I'm only 11. (This was 2 years ago. xD) Robot: Press 1 to claim your prize! Me: I'm only 11. Robot: -Goes silent- (I think it was expecting me to press something.) Me: I'M ONLY 11. E-LE-VEN. Robot: -Pause- You have pressed 3. That is not an answer. Press 1 to claim your prize. Me: I DIDN'T PRESS ANYTHING...I'm not gonna hang up, even though I don't want the prize. Robot magically turns into a human: Well, do something! Me:...So, how are you? Human: I'm pretty bored. Work sucks. Me: I can tell. That conversation went on for quite a while. xD ~SG~