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  1. By making it eat a Magical Blueberry Ice Pop.
  2. No painted pets. Can't afford a brush even though I have 80,000+ NP. I play MaraPets now so it doesn't really matter...
  3. Snowy wakes up between 4-5AM, 10-11 AM and 11-12PM. I think. The Symol Hole is Randomised and the Turmy is able to woken up for about 1-? hours a day. Please note that this may be off by a couple of hours.
  4. Try Kacheek Seek, it's not speedy but you always et at least 5 Np for your troubles. Also try stuff like the various Contests and things like that.
  5. Am I the only person who has noticed that there is a link in JellyWorld to a giant piece of lime jelly that is mostly gone it's at the top of the page, easy to spot. Also one of the cellblock players talkes about JellyWorld.
  6. Hey tamacool, the same happened to my accont arond August, 2 summers ago, But my account was drained of every last neopoint my cosin and I had saved for over a year, we had over 80K and it dsappeared.
  7. Are they less than 3 inches part, have both the infared connesters facing each other and set to the same friend visiting mode? That might be your problem.
  8. I'm like Eric, no neomail. See shadow1763 or moonsea400
  9. mimitchilover you earn more than I do in a week! don't complain!
  10. Ristar that's dangeroes stuff dude the main headquarters s in Dallas and if you go way over the fine line of fun and cruel, they may come after you. Good luck, they got tight security.
  11. I agree with people who have a positive attitude towards NeoPets, Even if it has gone downhill. Sockmonk's right go complain somewhere else you NePet oppsing freaks of nature
  12. If you use flash, wait for a school of fish to swim past and click on it when they are in front of it, works for me. Note I'm don't ever go there, the cheapest food is 14somethinoranotherthousand!
  13. Why does it matter if your pets are painted? It doesn't prove anything 'sept your rich and snobby. check out monsea400. my pets wouldn't match their names if they were other colors.
  14. Did you're tama get wet?javascript:add_smilie(%22:o%22) If t did then you're gonna need a new one. PS: I had two both got wet, both got friedjavascript:add_smilie(%22:wacko:%22)
  15. :huh:Anyone know a guy called hippoman12? he beat me in a tornament in SA at Clife's and I need to do some card trades with him.(and pluverise his face for beating me)