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  1. i dont mind i like tamatalk and whatever u need to do to keep it going is fine
  2. i dont mean the parent leaves the kid lol!! i mean in the family tree when you go to get a password the parent is gone and i had like three now i am not on any they died! i forgot to tchange the time this morning
  3. plz dont spam i have not checked lately buit i think that they are still there so far
  4. probably but it wasnt that far into the generation
  5. yeah but i did not have that many lol and after a day it came back but i could only see my first parent and third there was nto second it was weird
  6. its weird i noticed other ppl are having this problem to
  7. As soon as it goes to sleep you will see your tama normal again honestly bandaii should put tha tin the instructions
  8. i will but it was gone on those when i finaly realized
  9. that would be awesome to have a different color tama ♣heat sensitive♣ ♣yay i was the 400th voter!♣
  10. yeah thats what i said right here
  11. I am hoping that they will add a little tama day care so that they will be hapy while you are at school
  12. for that go to the shop and press the A button three times until the shop keeper looks surprised and then press the corressponding button swith the corrresponding letters
  13. oh for the poll you have to press enter for a differeint option they can be on the same line and yes it has to be an adult