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  1. ok so i started playing tamagotchi again and i got this little beast what is it i cant find it on the wiki
  2. Happy Easter! :D

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  3. Buy the first arch. Pre-Shippuden. It's worth it imo, not the filler arch though. Or save yourself money and just stream it! xD
  4. Have to say Inuyasha was my all time favorite. Lmao ask anyone that was here back in '06/'07. As of now I'm watching Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Holy crap Gainax's end to Season 1... lol. Anyway for the season itself, it's full of perverted sexual innuendos, Western styled Animation, to me it's mocking everything Anime is. And I'm loving it.
  5. I'd rather make my way through crowds of overweight savage Americans to buy a computer I want for a cheaper price than wait until after Black Friday when they're all out of stock and I have to order online without a discount.

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  7. Sup bro. It really does suck. kthx. I came here to show my friends my old Tamatalkers comic just now and decided to see how bad it's gotten. Ha. Tamatalk, you cease to amuse me.
  8. I laughed at what happens to Prussia. With how big his ego is and all.
  9. I do, it's not that great though...
  10. I used to use Chrome, then for some reason it started messing up big time. Chrome also has a tendency to open a new process for every tab you have open. I use Firefox now, plus I got a cool skin for it.
  11. Alright, I know for a fact this is not the be asking this sort of question, but I want to know if anyone has suggestions as to what program would be best for animation? I mean flash is a great program for basic stuff such as making banners and whatnot on the computer, but something that would give me a good animation like you see in movies like Castle in the Sky or something. Flash can't achieve that sort of animation, with the way the lines turn out, tablet or not. Anime Studio, with a lot of experience, can make amazing anime-like animations. Though, I was wondering if there's any other program out there that can do something similar to that?
  12. Latvia, homg, so cute ;v; My friend cosplayed him and holy crap she was so freaking cute, especially since she had the perfect wig, costume, and body type to do it. Being 18 and barely 5 feet made it perfect xD I read the original webcomic before the side comics, I, actually sorta wished it stayed true to the WW2 plot. At the end of Volume 1 there was a strip with Nazi!Germany, Italy, Austria and Russia right before the invasion of Poland. I really wanted to see how that was going to end comic-wise. It never finished [Either offensive, still in progress, or Himurya isn't going to bother] I can understand why so many original fans got pi**ed when the anime released, even though I didn't find out about it until the anime released myself. When the fandom basically exploded.
  13. It's not free. You have to pay 50 bucks for the full version, but, like anyone, we torrent |D I have a cracked version that works with Vista But yeah, Sai is EXCELLENT for drawing/coloring/lineart.