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  1. We don't have a walmart/Toys 'r' us etc where I live I bought all mine from the warehouse, would've got them off the internet but I was to impatient
  2. Dunno where to post this, but I can't find any uratama pictures on google images, and everywhere else I look I only find the colour character charts .. I was wondering if anyone has a UraMametchi picture I could use :3 *pixels only* 'coz I don't have a uratama of my own *unfortunately*. Otherwise I'd do it myself.. Thanks heaps, Sez (Scarez) PS: I am going to *hopefully* use it on a cursor for TamaBoard.. even though the cursor trial runs out in two weeks so I will have something else for last resort if nobody else can find one..
  3. Unfortunately I don't have pic at the moment but I can get one in a sec... :3 My sisters one is light blue! Edit: Try this link for some facts about the Princess Max and it also has pictures..
  4. Yeah. Some of the games are (surprisingly) quite difficult xD The stickon things are tiny
  5. My little sister has one... but the virtual pet gets fat and dies all the time *haha*. Yuo can only do everything once a day or it goes fat and stuff. Its only $20 but its not really good for money because after awhile she claims its boring... What do you think about it?
  6. My little sister has one... but the virtual pet gets fat and dies all the time *haha*
  7. yeah, coz tama island you have to vote *like survivor programs lol* but I think I'll just wait and see ^___^
  8. Go ichigo most are either too ugly/popular which puts me off lol
  9. thats offtopic to person above. and they probably wont release everything straight away then people would get it all at once and tel everyone.. if they do it gradually its better
  10. Scarez


    Its a good idea.. different to warns but karma doesnt make sense really .. I mean karma is more bad stuff when you've had good luck or something.. kinda like fate??
  11. what do u mean, record? The make up is a waste of money when ur tama smooches up against the screen it looks the same.
  12. Yesh. When I was reading a magazine they had all these v2 characters instead of new v3 ones. And they had "violetchi" instead of furawatchi/leaftchi Korotchi is not the same as furawatchi, it looks different.
  13. There is a point there, but still its so that like 8 year olds or something dont go on and blabber about everything.
  14. Lol. They would definately be on Ebay... but then You'll probably have to wait to get them instore. At the moment there are none in town, except there were quite a few before *except in the colours i wanted of course*. Sorry but the only thing i can think of is waiting..
  15. What clone one? if you put it in your passwords it shouldnt.... and dont try to get twins, you cannot!
  16. i saw one for $60 us but it wouldve been like 100$nz so i didnt get it.
  17. You can only view the most recent parents. History is for after ur tama dies.
  18. The Only "twins" code is the clone on for v3.
  19. tamatalk. one my v2 one of my codes i found randomly. I also found a v3 code of the packet ^^
  20. I have donated 11111 points. On the instruction manual it says donate 5000, 10000, or 30000 points to get a password. I have already done the 5000 points one, but shouldn't I have got another code when i donated more? Please help; Scarez
  21. On tv ( as tamaguy#1 said) they pronounce it like tom-ah-guh-chee instead of tam-a-got-chee like I say it I suppose everyone says it differently, but on the v3 commercial it sounds completely wrong
  22. oh. because I'm shure my friend had it when it was an adult. sorry.