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  1. nah, I like chocolate but my mom and dad don't let me have chocolate, soda, chips, and uh.... anything that's junk food.
  2. I vote for ipod! And I've had my ipod for a year. Mine never broke. EVER! And if other people's ipod got scratched then the owner wasn't taking good care of it.
  3. I like tamagotchis but that's not crule. It's not alive. It's a toy. Oh! And those boys can't even tell a tamagotchi from some other pet.
  4. I think the blue see through sounds cool.
  5. okay here's what you gotta do: stay away from fiber eat rice (it helps) and don't stop your body from flushing the germ out by taking medicine
  6. If you eat more than a teaspoon of salt a day, that doesn't mean your death will be painful. I hope.
  7. I LOVE hot pockets! My favorite is the pepperoni pizza kind. And sometimes I have the sausage egg and cheese ones for beakfast.
  8. Once I was in a chatroom (not tamatalk) and this person asked me for my phone number and my address. She said,"We could meet each other in real life!" I said "NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!!!!!!!!!!" Then she just kept cursing at me!
  9. I voted list cuz my fav is a Corgie!