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  1. It doesn`t matter what version you connect with. No offense but my advice to you is don`t give advice to people unless you are sure about it.
  2. kelly_girl, you already answered your own question.
  3. My tamagotchi was fine then 5 minutes later i looked and there was this circle thing with wings. Does that mean he is dead? And what happened to the baby he had with him?
  4. When your Tamagotchi becomes old without finding a partner. I don`t know the exact age, sorry!
  5. I already answered that at your board.
  6. When your tamagotchi sleeps the costume will automatically come off. Please don`t post 2 boards about the same thing.
  7. How long would it take for my Tama to become a teenager if I left him on pause all night while I sleep?
  8. How long does it take for my tamagotchi to become a teenager? He is 1st gen and I put him on pause a while.
  9. Of course they break. Mine got a small crack in it from dropping it down the stairs.
  10. I don`t think the cold does anything to Tamagotchi. But just in case, keep it in the house. You don`t have to hide it anywhere.
  11. Can a Maructchi (I think that is the name) turn into any kind of teenager? Or are there different ones for each kind of child?