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  1. Um hi i dont hav a V3 But wat do all the numbers mene if u can tell me grate cuz i am goig to get a V3
  2. my sister did the same thing exept she debugged it corectly but it frikin busted and it all screwed up so i hafto by her a new 1 cuz i bot it for her for her bday
  3. it duz say the tamas r gonig to launch in feb i read it
  4. i carry mine aruond my lanyard to its hard to get the tamas to not dangle
  5. its not a glich some of the bottom tamas on the chart are wrong thats y its weird
  6. Tamagotchi's Name: Babey Tamagotchi's Age: 8 Date of Birth: Date of Passing: today What Generation? 3 Your Comments: u had a lil baby named Mince she needs lots of attention just like u
  7. I keep getting the same teen?? how do I make it difrent?? any one no???