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  1. Happy Birthday TT! Man it's insane to think I've known some people here for 10 years.
  2. Sweet Kandi

    TamaTalk Census

    Gender: Female Age group: Over 21 (25) Residence: US Relationship status: Married Religion: Atheist
  3. Sweet Kandi

    User since 2005...anyone else around that year?

    2005 here although I only lurk occasionally.
  4. Sweet Kandi

    Your First Shiny Pokemon

    The only shiny I've caught myself was the Gyrados from Lake of Rage in Silver. I've gotten the event Pichu and legendary dogs but I don't feel like those count either. Never been lucky enough to come across a shiny in the wild.
  5. Sweet Kandi

    What did you do over the Summer?

    I haven't had Summer break yet. I get out of school on the 25th of this month and am off until the 20th of September. Not a long break but enough to catch up on sleep and veg for a bit.
  6. Sweet Kandi

    That 70's Show

    I love that show X3 My favorite characters are Kitty and Red. Kitty reminds me a lot of my mom with her nervous giggle. For anyone interested in watching it on TV Teen Nick plays a few episodes every weeknight. They haven't aired the last season though :/
  7. Sweet Kandi

    what was your favourite Cartoon growing up?

    Dexter's Lab(omelette du fromage. hehe.), Doug, Rugrats, Sailor Moon and Scooby Doo. I can't pick just one X3 Pretty much anything that aired on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network in the 90s.
  8. Sweet Kandi

    What are you reading now?

    I'm about to start reading Spells by Aprilynne Pike. I just got done with Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott. Good book, definitely worth a read. It kept me hooked enough to read it in one 6 hour sit down.
  9. Sweet Kandi

    Being put under happy gas

    Ohh yes. Nitrous is a good thing. I need it even for cleanings. I hate the dentist >.<
  10. Sweet Kandi

    Which is more improtant? Money or Love?

    I hate to say it but money. Love can't pay the bills :/
  11. For black I'm choosing Oshowatt and white Tepig. I always go for water starters and never fire so I figure I may as well give fire a chance.
  12. Sweet Kandi

    Pokemon Black and White

    Source There is one, just not the one we're all used to ^^ As for myself I have both Black and White pre-ordered including the guide(I get lost and irritated too easily). I'll probably start black first with the water starter, then later start white with maybe the fire starter. I never use the fire starters <.<;
  13. Sweet Kandi

    what r u looking forward to?

    Pokemon Sunday and going back to school :3
  14. Sweet Kandi

    Pokemon Black and White

    Celebi will be at GameStop on February 27 for the US. Not sure about other countries.
  15. The first one I played was Red at a friend's house. I had never heard of Pokemon before and just thought it was an amusing game. Shortly after playing hers I whined my mom into getting me one of the Gameboy Color/Pokemon bundles from Costco. I was in either fourth or fifth grade. I've owned all versions except for Gold and Crystal but now I only have my Silver left. A different friend's mom threw out all mine and her games one day while we were at school D:< The only reason Silver and my Gameboy were safe is because they were at school with me.