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  1. Happy Birthday TT! Man it's insane to think I've known some people here for 10 years.
  2. Hilariously enough, It's been exactly three years to the day since I made my last status :P Anyhow. The husband just bought me an ID L for my birthday so I may poke around here a bit more (I say this...) Are any vet members (2005-2010) still hanging around?

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    2. Sweet Kandi
    3. *mimitchi*


      I'm still here from time to time. :)

    4. psychotama


      Came back recently. Mainly just writing a vintage tama log

      I can't believe how much time has gone by...I was a baby when I joined.

  3. Gender: Female Age group: Over 21 (25) Residence: US Relationship status: Married Religion: Atheist
  4. Oh hey look, I found TT again. How 'bout that.

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    2. booboo1


      omgosh i remember you!! i doubt that you know who i am but i was around in 07! welcome back!!

    3. Amat Gotchi
    4. Sweet Kandi

      Sweet Kandi

      Thanks ^^ I'll probably just lurk around for a bit.

  5. You my good fellow, have been poked! :3

  6. It seems I only come on here about once a month, post a status, then forget to check back. That being said, see you in about a month when I remember I posted this! :D

  7. Oh hey, my 6-year TT-Anniversary was two days ago. Huh. How bout that.

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    2. santi-


      haha, that reminds me my six year was in july.. sigh

    3. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      Happy late TT BDAY! :3

    4. chrispilot2293


      Happy belated TAMATALK BIRTHDAY!!! >O< :D !!!

  8. Do you like penguins?

  9. The only shiny I've caught myself was the Gyrados from Lake of Rage in Silver. I've gotten the event Pichu and legendary dogs but I don't feel like those count either. Never been lucky enough to come across a shiny in the wild.
  10. I haven't had Summer break yet. I get out of school on the 25th of this month and am off until the 20th of September. Not a long break but enough to catch up on sleep and veg for a bit.
  11. I missed your day (I was on vacation).

    Hope it was great.

    Wow... I still remember you when you were young! LOL (yeah, my memory hasn't gone yet... soon tho')

    Happy birthday.


  12. Happy birthday! I hope you're having a good one. :)