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  1. I would love to have a tamagotchi with the most popular characters on the case. This is a great idea. I hope Bandai makes these
  2. When I donated enough points to the king to get the ring, cape and crown, the King gave me a password. I tried entering this into my PC to the king and it didn't work. Has this happened to anyone else. Does anyone have any ideas on this ?.
  3. Im annoyed that my item list is full and that I cannot buy more items from the shop. Is there anyway you can get rid of some items from your item list. If anyone has any answers to this please drop in here.
  4. Is it possible to donate more than 30000 points to the king. I have donated this much but I cannot donate anymore. Will my donation list clear or will it remain at 30000 points for the rest of my tama's life. Please if anyone knows any info on this, drop your answers in here
  5. A very important note to all Version 3 Tama users. Make sure that you have a pen and paper ready to write down the passwords your Tama Gives You when you donate money to the king. The password disappears from the screen after a minute and you cannot retreive it again. I have had this happen to me. It is very frustrating. Hope this helps.
  6. I have noticed that the characters in the shop change. My friend, Turtle has a different shop owner character to me. Has anyone else noticed this? *MOVED >> What Happended to My Tamagotchi? *
  7. Sandles and Turtle went to the shops today and spend our hard earned $$$$$ and got are hands on a V3 each. We have been so busy exploring Tama Town. Wow. What fun for $24.
  8. Debuggin your tama take all the fun away. Why cheat?
  9. If you want to see a web site that has lots of tamagotchi pictures for you to uses as your avatar, go to google and type in "tamagotchi pictures". Save a pic to your picture file using jpg. then load this onto your avatar
  10. Personally, I like the challange of trying to get every character. Not just memitchi or mimitchi. I have a print out of all the characters for version 1 and 2, and I highlight them off as I get them.
  11. Red is Best. I have a red version 2 with white and grey circles. It's very striking.
  12. Ok, Im building up my gotchi points using the slot game because this give's u heaps of points. But my ???? to you all is this " What will happen when my adult leaves". Do I still get to keep those precious gotchi points or do I loose these. If anyone knows the answer to this question, please post it. Very stressed tama parent.....
  13. No, they only cost about $5-7 dollars
  14. I have been connecting my Version 1 with my Version 2 today and yes they have tama babies. Just remember that the adults must be of opposite sex, you must have all 4 love hearts and they need to be an adult for more than 1 day. I don't know about if the matchmaker comes yet. I'd rather have tama babies, its' quicker and you don't have to wait.
  15. Dose anyone know if you can debug the version 2 Connextion.