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  1. im sure youll think of a way to make money, maybe you cud wash cars or somethin?
  2. dont think yur idea will work cos id sooner pause my tama or make it sleep an it dont cost a penny lololololol
  3. So yeah this game is really good, you get to interact with other ppl in a cyber world where u can play an animal and look after yourself and mate and have babies which you need to look after. The more points u score the better the animal you can be (nothing like being a condor and hunting prey). Its fun playing with other ppl on here but we need more players plz give this site a try )
  4. i think they come some time in the mornin an evenin to but i cud only remember the 3pm time lol. If you have two tamagotchis you wanna mate you can wait till they turn into old timers then mate them to get the secret character cos thats what i did. Only thing is u need a male an female old timer cos u cant mate an adult and an old timer and the matchmaker wont come when you have an old timer.
  5. well if you know the matchmaker is due to come that day you can change the clock to 2:59pm and the matchmaker will come when your clock says 3pm, also works if the matchmaker has been and you have said not lonely just change the clock and she will come. This only works if its near the time the matchmaker would come anyway.
  6. yup it was an adult lol, i mated it when the matchmaker came yesterday and have a lil girl, i did wonder what wud happen if u mated it with another of its kind if u got anythin special!
  7. well i mated my female and male old timers just like i would normally and they mate same as normal and produce 2 babies like normal, one stays with the old woman and the other goes to the old man. Its funny for the snack these kids like a bottle or to of what i think cud be wine lol! Anyway it went straight from a baby to the grown up looking child. Anyway i dont think it will change till tommorow if it does change at all. Anyways ill keep u posted
  8. So i mated my tama old timers and got a weird lookin child that looks like an old man lol, does anyone know what it will grow into as a teen?
  9. i agree, im brunnette but she said i was blonde, its not nice to insult someone because of their hair colour, shes just a nasty bit of work anyway im not saying anymore on the subject its down to admin to sort out ppl like her )
  10. lol nah i just have to add how blind you must be not to notice my hair colour. Also its very insulting to people who are blonde, its like being against someone for being a different race *sigh*
  11. Blondie? Er ok you have the last word little girl i cant be bothered wasting my time arguing with you lol
  12. oh get off your high horse im entitled to my opinion! now who is tryin to pick fights? lol
  13. whats so exciting about being a Tamamax get anythin special for it?
  14. its funny you never seem to get the one you want but the one you have is the one the other person is trying to get? wow does that sound confusing or did i make sense? lmao (owner of Hanatchi *seal thingy that looks like a slug* but sooner have cute looking mimitchi)
  15. the english connexions tamagotchis dont make weird noises