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  1. I guess i was lucky since I got wings. its better then being turned into a baby!!!
  2. OOps!!! sorry you cant fit jennifer or rachel. How about Julie or Katie or ali or Kyla or Andi
  3. Hmm the only risk I could think of is stripping the screws
  4. I think you should call her Kesha or Rachal or Jennifer
  5. I think I know how to get a this is what u need to do 1. Your tama has to be an even generation 2. You must constantly watch your tama. in other words clean up doo doo as soon as your tama goes on the floor. Feed it as soon as it gets hungry. Take care of your tama imediatly when it is sick. As soon as one heart meter drops refill it quickly. 3. when it grows it should be that one toddler with the squezed head (If you don't know what im talking about, check out the character chart on this site.). 4. repeat step 2 but this time raise the training meter halfway or all the way full. 5. It should become a 6. repeat step 2 for a few days. 7. I t should finally become a I really hope this helps
  6. But I only have a connection version 2
  7. Will someone PLEASE tell me the exact way to get a in connection version 2? I need to know: 1. How full the training bar must be 2. What generation needed 3. what characters i need to get before the 4. How much I need to look after my Tama Please reply if you know 1 or more of the awnsers to these questions