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  2. is anyone here a christian becuase i am and i want to talk about like church stuff
  3. your luky you got 9999 thats the limit of points i wish i were you
  4. you must of connected them alot ohhhh true love
  5. it was awesome i started with a v1
  6. mine is 7 and the matchmaker hasn't come.
  7. IM SORRY but i think somethings wrong are you sure you donated that much becuase i got the password right away when i donated 5000
  8. my tama was a toddaler and then it turned into a adult it skipped teenager stage and even though its an adult i cant use any of my items
  9. i do both because most of the time my tamas are 2 boy 2 girl diffrent ages or dont love each other
  10. my sister tried the cheat of dying then pressing sertain buttons to get twins. all it did was die then be a baby.DONT DO IT!im so angry at whoever put this fake cheat on the website.whoever started this probaly wants people tamas to die/go to heaven
  11. well mine is nine and its a old timer
  12. no your wrong mine is 9yrs old and its a old timer
  13. oh no did you say 6-8 for the match maker to come nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mine is 9
  14. mine is like 8 years old and soon it will be nine but the match macker wont come