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  1. The matchmaker will come twice: once when your tama is 7 years old; and then again when it's 8 (the next day). If the matchmaker came when it was 7, don't worry, it'll come again; you just have to be there at 7:00 PM to be able to see who the matchmaker picks out for you. If you don't accept that one either, then it will become an elder soon enough. Hope this helped!
  2. I have tried to find other things to do with it, but it seems that those are the only things they can do. I was kind of disappointed at first, but I really don't care now.
  3. What you want to do is you take out the batteries, put new ones in (which you have 30 seconds to do) and like spudilike said, take a pencil and press the point onto the indent with the button on the back. Then press B and press it again on "Download." That way nothing will have happened.
  4. i think you just have to color it more if it doesnt work the first time. Feel free to PM me if you need help!
  5. both tamas need to be four years old to get married. Feel free to PM me if you need any help!
  6. I personally like the ocean waves one. i am probably getting that one in march. when its available!!!
  7. I don't exactly know, but I do know that in the USA, it will start being shipped into stores in March. You can pre-order them at some sites, without getting a random color, so that you can choose the one you want.
  8. your tamagotchi is called a Wooltchi. its not very common in the tamagotchi world, but whatever.
  9. okay, so i borrowed one of my friends tamagotchis, and she said i could get them married and let them have babies and all that, so i got them married (there are four hearts) and i keep connecting them, like you do when you wanna have a baby, but im not getting babies!!!!!!!!!!!! her tamagotchi is 8G and mine is 2G, does this make any difference? PLEASE HELP ME NOW!!!!!!!
  10. they are adults!! i dont know why this isnt happening! theyre married, and it worked last time when I had the babies, but now theyre not working!!!!!!!!!!
  11. all it means is that it needs to be praised or fed. To praise it, go to the first icon on the bottom on the screen (the left). Click on it, then it will say TIME OUT or PRAISE. Select the praise button. You should know how to feed it already, otherwise your baby woulod have died after a few minutes after it was born. Feel free to PM me if you need help!
  12. I just got my tamas married a couple days ago, and I saw that you have to keep connecting them and then you get a baby. I do this, but it's NOT WORKING! I am about to die from frustration!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!
  13. it will eventually just die, and you will know that when you see a floating thing on the screen with wings fluttering. its supposed to be like an angel. then you just reset it and start all over again. PM me if you ever need help!
  14. you dont turn it off, and maybe you set the time wrong, thats why it sleeps during the day. only babies sleep during the day. set it to the right time, by pressing b to go 2 the time mode, then hold down a and c at the same time and make sure the am or pm isnt wrong. it should sleep at night if you set it to the right time of day. mine go to sleep at 10:00 pm, and wake up and 10:00 am. or if you want you can pause it. feel free to PM me if u need help!
  15. you can only use it when its an adult. yours might not be an adult yet.