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  1. well im gonna get on my other fave online thingamabob.... pm me if u wanna be friends
  2. yea i know i mean they were actually gay or lesbo but idk if u were aloud 2 say that on this site...
  3. yea at first i was upsessed w/ them then they got broke and i said o wat the heck
  4. i never had bratz... they are so gey they got the idea from them from americas next top model
  5. lmao thats just like him w8, do any of us even have tamagotchis... i dont
  6. lucky can u tell him 2 make another acc on tt
  7. i still have barbies... but i dyed there hair black and made them emo hehehe
  8. idk i was just wondering... not like im gey or anything
  9. o ya and if u wanna be friends just pm me w00t
  10. how do u till talk 2 darkcore if he got banned.......
  11. yup but he had a gf -.- stupid karen....