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  1. Also, it might not beeb but it sometimes sounds llike some kind of electrick zzap
  2. what happens is that history you can only use if your tama died... it shows who died!
  3. but did you know you can do that EVERY HOUR!!
  4. thats sooo cool... when i first saw it i had a feeling it was real, and i thought it was a version 3 for japan.... until spiffy made me realize it wasnt... but there still pretty awesome. i wouldnt buy one, i but would want to have one!
  5. its a v3, YES I did the reset thing and it didnt work, and i NEVER FED HIM THE BALL! It was in presents.
  6. no matter how many times i "hope and pray" it will ALWAYS happen when i go to prestnts and then food.
  7. OMG! my brother's tamagotchi is doing very strange things i have NEVER seen OR HEARD of before! My brother is a bit worried about whats happening... I'm pretty much an expert on tamagotchis, but i have NO CLUE about what's happened... Well, it was morning and since his tama was asleep, my brother(Lorenzo) went to the book with the friends, and then went to "present" and then "food". Thats when something happened. Right there, in food, there was a ball. " a ball? in food? yeah right" is what you might say. BUT IM SERIOUS!!! My brother NEVER bought a ball, and NEVER received one as a present. And when you went to items, all you would see was a dart, and another dart, pretty normal, but NO BALL!!! But when he went to "food" and there was a ball, HIS TAMA FROZE! Luckily, when i did reset and then download, everything was ok. So then i went back to the present food to see if it would happen again and guess what? IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!! Its the WEIRDEST THING EVER PLZ help this is an emergency someone reply with an answer!
  8. It's either 3 or depens. Anyway, i'm getting my V3 tommorow, so i'm not really aware of the games... But i do know that there is heading and in V2 heading is my fave!!!
  9. I know!! it looks like it could be a lot like the DS.... exept tamagotchi style! Thats soooooooooo cool if they come out i'm gonna buy it straight away!!
  10. No, the baby will NOT grow up beside Benji, i'm sorry to say. Wouldn't it be cool if that could really happen? I think that would be so sweet. And if you don't want the parent to leave, and this is very simple, JUST PAUSE IT AT NIGHT. But be warned: PAUSING TAKES UP ALOT OF THE BATTERY. If ever your son wants to start a new generation, instead of un-pausing it at night, I strongly advise that you FF the time to 11:59 P.M. ( this is done by going to the clock screen and then pressing A and C togeter.) Then, keep the lights on and wait a minute. The parent will wake up, and stare at the baby for about 3 minutes. Then, he will start talking for a few seconds, and then fly away... it's sad, and i have never missed any departuring of my tamas. Hope i was helpful! Marie
  11. Here are some reasons why your tama may be acting this way: 1: Pausing a Tamagotchi will really affect his aging process... you might have paused it for these reasons: A: You could have paused it for activities you can't bring it to: for example swimming, Karate, Gymnastics, Badminton, Soccer, Football...etc. B: you might have paused it at night...thats not the best plan, BTW. C: It is possible it got paused by accident; if you lay down on it, or sat on it or somethin, it could have paused without you knowing... 2: You might have gone on clock set by accident... you might have done this for these reasons: A: You didn't know how to pause B: Accidently, you could have pressed the B button ( my B button is very sensitive) then A and C and the same time. That would literally stop time! 3: If none of these ever happened, your tama could have a glitch. Here are the reasons it might have a glitch: A: You could have tried to Debug, or you opened you tama for a preticular reason, and you might have done something you wer'nt supposed to. B: This is sorta impossible, but one of your friends you connected with might of had a virus and he passed it on to you P.S: If there IS a virus in your V2, I strongly advise that you either be extremely careful with it, or that you buy another one. You could also contact Bandai. 4: Your tama may be having battery problems. 5: If you reset your tama often, and then download, he w'ont grow very quickly. I hope my tips have helped. If you have any other questions about V1, V2 or V3 ( depending on the question for V3), I will always be happy to help. Marie
  12. I made a website, though it doesnt involve tamas. But its really cool. tell me if you like my site! Here it is: It took me a loooong time to build it... If you sign the guestbook plz tell me youre from tamatalk.
  13. izabellic, You shoudnt BEG like that. its plain annoying. If you have a question, go to the "what happened to my tamagotchi?" section or " help for new pet owners" I dont know what is wrong with your thing, but i dont have a V3 yet... But still, i want to say welcome to tamatalk, newbie!
  14. marie


    yes, we should all post our ways of finding twins!! Oh and i've found another way to get twins: Its not very exact but it' still a little helpful. You have to get to ROM testing and fool around with it and sooner or later you'll get twins!!! ( do not ask ME how to do ROM tersting 'cause i dont know how!!! )