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  1. I'm feeling called out by that one 😂 🔟/🔟 I decided to look up pictures of MEMEtchi, and she has so many hilarious expressions! But with this car pic I couldn't help but make the initial d edit 😂
  2. Also, as for the paper on the screen, someone who tweets in Korean tried to switch out the paper for their own to make it prettier and it didn't work. I'm going to ask them if it works without any paper behind the faceplate. Link here as it seems like this might be a thread they're going to keep up with:
  3. Idk, maybe it's an issue with the capacitive buttons on mine, but it only works consistently in my hands when using both hands because of how the c button acts when I try to use it left handed. Also sliding my finger for the games and hula hoop- it doesn't register right at all if I try to use my thumb and the tama in my hand- but if I hold it in one hand to better stabilize it, it works WAY better. Again, it could be a flaw, but it really feels like more a design choice.
  4. Oooh so I can keep Mimitchi around even longer? Yesssss! I was dreading her heading back, she's my buddy. I think the wiki might be right, as Mimitchi was one of the perfect care tamas(old-school versions) but I most certainly did not take anywhere near perfect care of her growing up. I wonder if the quiz at the beginning has more bearing on which adult we get than it implies 🤔 I agree. I'm enjoying the collectible nature of it, but I doubt my coworkers would appreciate it if I was snapping a ton of photos during break times to just feed my tama. I think it's a good healthy balance that recognizes the impracticality of using the camera all the time. Also, idk if I noted it on here or just the vlog, but I figured out the buttons! They designed it to literally force you to play it with two hands. As a one handed tamagotchi user since my childhood(with the exception of specific games) it's still a bit frustrating, but I'm slowly getting used to it. As I mentioned above, I might keep Mimitchi until she passes on- we will also get a nice gauge of how long their full lifespan might be- but I'll put it away for a while after so I can play with tamas that are easier for me to use.
  5. Yeah, sometimes on the mini and nanos I double press, but its not as high risk of spending all one's gotchi points on something they might not want to buy their tama. On the connections, however, I can see how it'd be an issue. The On and other color releases had a great size for larger hands with a good tactile feel, however. To that other bit, hmmm- maybe it signals at just how relaxed their QA standards might be. 😳 I'm still having a lot of issues, and like Penguin-keeper noted, sometimes those things can be offset. I'm going to try playing with just my fingers for the rest of the evening(provided I don't get too aggravated) to see if there's a certain way the sensors skew. As for the responding better when lifting your finger up- that's why I think it can sense pressure to some degree. I noticed it with the stylus too. It also seems like the games in the arcade vary by day! I've only gone into it today, but the arcade-tchi(?) that hosts it said the theme of today was nature. For the jetpack game, rubbing my fingers/thumbs(tried both) so fast felt uncomfortable because of the dimples, but maybe I pamper my hands too much- but it's not so uncomfortable at the slower pace of the hula-hoop game.
  6. Yes, but not all of us on here are children. If you're an adult buying it for a child or a child wanting one, then odds are the child might not have an issue with that, but I know a lot of us on here are adults(like myself) who also enjoy these vpets, and also have the disposable income to drop $60+ on a toy. Bandai might be shooting themselves in the foot with this one. That said, this wouldn't be the first time Bandai has experimented with new features on the western market before bringing them back to Japan. And as Japanese tamagotchi aren't targeted towards just a younger audience, they might decide to tweak the feature in future Japanese releases. That said, I'm finding a mixture of the capacitive stylus and finger works pretty well. IDK why but for swiping using my fingers with things like the toiler and the hula-hoop game, easy. Navigating the menus and entering text- pure suffering. Those same tasks with the stylus, completely opposite experience. Also, it seems to sense pressure differently. I'm not sure what is going on but it doesn't feel consistent. Sometimes the lightest of brushes registers sometimes not, and same goes for more intentional touches. But it doesn't feel like it's faulty- I think it's intentional- when I figure out what's going on I'll share. That noted, I'm loving the camera feature. I used a rusty washer and a coworker's earring to make my tamagotchi a bowl of ramen xD
  7. So far, my first impressions are negative. If you have normal adult sized hands you're going to have a difficult time with the capacitive buttons. I happened to have a phone stylus that the tip fits perfectly in the little dimples and it makes operating the tama bearable. That said, they're very sensitive, just specific. I'm too scared to try removing the faceplate to mill it flat at work and make it easier for my adult thumbs to use- I'll let someone else give that a go. The device would be much easier to use if they had made the front smooth and flat as it's VERY receptive when contact is made in the dimples. This coupled with the bizarre text entry choices on the Tamagotchi on makes for an awful experience inputting the letters. The camera is also appears to be superbly low resolution, but maybe my home just isn't well lit enough. I'll know for sure tomorrow. And the menus- there's two sets of main menus and if you accidentally pop into the second one, ugh, there's no way to go back, only go all the way back through. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It does have a little loop to thread a cell phone charm strap on the side so you can still use a lanyard with it! My stylus came with a cell phone strap so I affixed it to that so I could access it easily.
  8. It arrived! I know other countries already have it, but my preorder arrived yesterday! I'm going to boot it up tonight, so feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding it!! I'll do my best to answer as soon as I figure it out
  9. Fair enough! I might give Tatting a lace one a try too!
  10. Agreed, but if it has a spot on top like the On for a cellphone strap, then we could have it in the case, with a strap through the top so we could hang it inside our bags or on a lanyard and protect it that way. But, as it's the shutter, I'm not so sure we'll be lucky. 😳 Buuuuut I haven't seen any indication of such so far. And I feel ya, it feels like a weird combo.
  11. I think crochet cases are going to be very popular. Very flexible for the shutter as it is essentially a fabric, thick and cushioned to protect against scratches. I wonder if it has a spot for a strap to keep from dropping it.
  12. Hmmm, idk. Could it be that you're getting busy and don't notice it when you're in the zone on something else? Mine went off and peeped for discipline just now on my lunch break(between 1-1:30pm) but it's an adult that might become an secret character- so it might be different for younger tamas. I know when I'm working I can't hear it's beeps and boops if it calls out with all the background noises I have going on.
  13. Pressing A & C together will mute and unmute it, but sometimes it's a little tricky. Most tamas, my p2 included, let me hold down the C button then press A. It usually gets the sound back on. When you play the game, are there any beeps when you win or lose? It could just be in a stage where it doesn't need to call out a ton so it's mostly quiet. Mine beeps the most when it's in a state of distress, so that's a good sign you're being a good tama owner. If it's not beeping as a result of wining or losing the mini game, then you might have a loose connection. If it's new, you might be able to exchange it. If it's not, it might be worth disassembling. Edit: I almost forgot- the old-school tamas don't confirm a sound on/off with a screen, that's just the light. Instead, it'll make a "kuh-thunk" sort of weird beep to confirm when the sound is enabled/disabled. Right now you have it enabled, which is why it's working going through the menus and such.
  14. Ohhh that's so cool! For some reason my brain did make the zucchini connection that was suggested on that site, but that felt too localized, even back in the 90s. It's incredibly handy to know the wiki has details on name origins, too. Thanks! That said, he's really an oyajitchi in a hood, idk why but that makes me really really happy
  15. Ahhhh a little Tamatchi! So cute! That's the healthy teen, good job! Looking forward to seeing what he evolved into next. 🤩 Mine evolved into a little Zuccitchi! I wonder what it's name is a pun on. I'm hoping to get the secret character. doesn't note which growth chart the rerelease follows, so maybe it'll be one of the potentially formally Japanese exclusive secret P2 characters.