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  1. That's what I was thinking too, but some of the color tamas also have a work function, so I wanted to be sure. If they did note they had a connection, I was going to double check the manual as it's been a minute for me, and I'd have wanted to double check if it was a glitch or not.
  2. What kind of tama do you have? As in what version, not character. I remember a vintage tama doing something along those lines, but newer versions might have something similar.
  3. Not OP, but I looked up pictures of condensators online and I remember seeing those in a few of my tamas when I took them apart! If it is the condensator, could OP be able to get someone to solder a replacement one in?
  4. Eek! You might need to get something like the kits made for car headlights, to truly buff those sorts of scratches out! Taking it apart was a good call to get that screen protector off, but goo-be-gone MIGHT have been a safer alternative for the thick screen overlay(I haven't tried it myself on the tama screens, so it'd involve a patch test on that little plastic tab that is hidden). That said, the deed has been done. If the scratches are prominent after drying completely, they do make liquid phone screen protector kits now, you might be able to set that and hide any scratches, but as they're initially a liquid, I'd also do that with the tama taken apart 👍
  5. Ahhh, I remember the tamachat- that chatroom was so fun back in the day! And hey, it's not all that cringe, much like Nazotchi, it's short, simple, and on theme! And there are far worse things you could have call yourself online than Purple. I got chatting with my childhood bestie yesterday and told her about getting back into this account and she told me about how her boyfriend was curious about her old deviantart account back from her childhood sonic the hedgehog roleplaying days. She said they had a lot of really good laughs revisiting that! 😂 And thanks everyone, this has been a rollercoaster of emotions but in the best way, it's gone from a kaleidoscope of cringe and delight to just pure delight!
  6. Yeah, I was on it all the time back in 2006, a lot of us were youngsters then too. I like the idea of visiting daily, it'll keep the site fresh with new posts. 🥰
  7. That's good to know! I can't get wifi out here so I mostly use my phone for the internet, but I'll deal. And yeah, hopefully that'll change. I think they might all be on amino now, based on my interactions with the tarot community on there. it's similar to a forum, but almost all on an app. I'd forgotten all about the tama emotes! And I agree, I'm certainly not the same person I was back then. I think I'll keep this account because it IS 15 years old and that's just really cool to me for some reason, even if I might not be able to change the dorky handle. Shortening it to just cobratala would be nice, however. Some of the nostalgia with juuuust enough of the babby me cringe. That said, going by Nazotchi on here is pretty rad. It's on theme, simple, and cute. I dig it and think it has staying power.
  8. I had an account I was SUPER active on when I was a teen (~zunky~ if you were wondering) and I'm kicking myself, I'm getting back into the hobby and I remember the email address I used to have the account on. 🤦‍♀️ I decided to come back here for tips and such and why not continue to use my old account, ya know? Apparently I had a lurker account from before(hence why this account is from before that one). I couldn't have been older than eleven or twelve when I made this one! 😂 I guess, as I've managed to get into one of my old accounts, I may as well figure out how to change the display name to something more... Fitting? Less cringy for sure 😜 Anyway, running my angelgotchi and having a blast with it too. Anyone else a super old tamaparent at this point? One concern of mine was that I'd be an adult on a forum full of children but then I remembered the awesome, most certainly adult, members, like Binary and Mothra. Hopefully I can contribute something half as awesome as they have to the community as they did when I was a kid. 💖