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  1. Can a V2 mate with a V3 ??
  2. Clothing store by the door to the changing rooms
  3. The hat is on the chile poster in the travel Agents
  4. If i were you i really wouldn't debug it as it can really mess the whole thing up!! then you will end up have wasted your money!!
  5. Hehe all of these games are new for me - i only used to have hurdles and dance (Connexion V2)
  6. Bump - I also Need this!
  7. So is it the lower the bar is the more likely the chances of winning? i can never win when the black bit is full..
  8. What do you do to play bump and how does it work?
  9. But some allow you to do things - EG; The passport allows you to go on holiday..
  10. I need a V3 Item chart which consists of all the items you can have!
  11. Although im from England i went on instead of tamagotchi europe and you have to find all of the secret items to get a golden tama (Woop Tama just evolved!)
  12. Golden Tama is #22 cos i have it... Dont know what 32 is though.