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  1. You can't get a Maskutchi on an even number generation, only odd numbers, for a fact. :3
  2. Well, what I would do is go sign up for an account at a place like photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com), and they should tell you how to upload the picture there. From there, copy the image url into a post, and put at the end. It should look something like this without the spaces: Hope that helps. PM if you have any more questions I guess. :3 <33
  3. I just take mine out when at lunch and stuff. I don't try and hide it, but I don't show it off. People at my school think it's awesome that I have a Tamagotchi. Jeez Louise, I'm so old school with my saddle shoes, original Star Wars lunchbox, and Tamagotchi... :3
  4. I love the little movies and games. <33 Does anybody know how to play that fishing game or the DDR game? Those are the only two I can't seem to figure out...
  5. Oh, I remember my first virtual pet was a Giga Pet. I had the cat one. They're really nice. I also got the 101 Dalmation one at one point, too, I think. Not sure. They're really nice. (Wow, I just repeated myself.)
  6. When I saw it, the first things that came out of my mouth was "Oh my God." (And... Not in a good way...) Honestly, I think that the new Furby will flop. Just because it's so bloody creepy.
  7. ...This is the forum section for this wtf?
  8. You could cut up part of a q-tip or a toothpick, I guess...
  9. I think they're cute. I also don't understand the point of this post.
  10. Oy, thank you a whole lot. :3 <333
  11. Ok. The mom will have two babies, and both will be the same gender. One will go back to the dad, and the mom will keep the other one. Actually, the cheat is if you want a boy, you press 'A', and you press 'B' for a girl. :3 But, yeah, if there's a cheat like that for mating NOT through the match-maker, I'd love to hear it... But I doubt there is, because you just connect and they do everything else. You don't press anymore buttons.
  12. I'm so excited because my friend gave me her old Tamagotchi (And it's green, my favorite color, too... :3), but I need to replace the batteries and I don't know what size I'm supposed to get. Any battery experts here?
  13. Haha, I guess that kinda makes you like all the people who want Maskutchis and never get them, huh? :3
  14. Agreed. Honestly. I'm getting more at the point of labeling people is pointless. Oh, and then one of your friends is goth. I give up. If that was a missprint by Babii bee, then... Hail, am I ever confused...