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  1. thank you so much!!!!! do you know how many points you need to have a certain job????
  2. Does anyone have tips on getting a certain type of skill point???? (like Intellectual, Artistic, Social)???
  3. how much are you willing to pay for a tama?????? i would pay $30 if i had to! PLEASE VOTE!!!
  4. i think those are the only ones.... and a florist is someone who like arranges flowers and works in a flower shop (i asked my mom )
  5. i would so want mine to be a rockstar. what kind of job is a florist??? anyways, please tell me what you want your tama to be and why. THANK YOU FOR VOTING!
  6. ok. number one: your tama cant play bump when it is a baby number two: i think you r lieing
  7. i have a friend who had their tama go thruogh the wash. it still worked but, not very good.
  8. tamapatchi, i disagree your tamas growth is effecgted if you pause it duriong the day.
  9. yes, u do need to be an adult. if you find a partener you can turn the matchmaker down and connect your tamas when they are 6 (or 7 in some cases, mayb evn 8!) and they should get married.
  10. Once your tama has a baby, the matchmaker will not come.
  11. im sooooooooo excited!!! are you?