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  1. i voted other. do nentendogs count?
  2. im hoping 2 gey 1 4 my b-day! i voted "begging mom" but im not that obbsesed. i REALY wanna nentendog!
  3. woh...dude later im changing that 2 my avvie!
  4. um...dose any1 no where i can see a v3 growth chart?
  5. ya. (u r soooooooooo nice tamagocrazy)
  6. tya! i totaly aggre! im a grl, but still! tamas r 4 every1! (ps im turning 11 on the 20th of feb!)
  7. do u like dis'un? IT IS JOJO! i luv her and this is only 1 of my jojo avvies. i have tons! dis is my fav av.
  8. TG, i know you diint mean it that way but i like to change it. i have TONS of dif avvies that i make (or made) i'm just seein' if u like dis'n better DC, TANK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! im gonna do another!
  9. did u vote its ok or omg i hate it 'cause some1 voted that