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  1. Thank you! I have waited for two years to get one of those colour Tamas. But I haven't opened them yet as I have exams until Friday. Gosh the temptation is killing me haha. xD
  2. I got my tamagotchis today! As a photo is worth a thousand words:
  3. I bought mine off eBay, and it got shipped on the Apr 6th. I chose EMS shipping.
  4. So did mine! Eeee! *is super excited*
  5. I purchased a green iD L off eBay today! Can't wait for its arrival!
  6. They are my little virtual pets or companions that I can carry around in my pocket.
  7. I used to be in the same boat as you! But I have decided to purchase a TMGC+C first. Apparently it is more simplistic than the iD, reflecting the traditional tamagotchis, yet it has its own unique features. I can't wait until I get mine! =D
  8. I bought my very first tamagotchi with the money I earned ($25) after a week of work experience at a pet store. It was a blue with bronze stars connexion version 2. I remember I was sooooo fascinated by it! LOL Anyway I still have it, although it's been through a lot and somehow the sound stopped working. But it still can be played but it's just sitting in my drawer right now. I don't think I can ever bear to throw it away!
  9. Thanks Angelsky! Your tama look really pretty! =) Such a lovely shade of pink. I have decided on a black one, so shinnnyyy...lol
  10. Hello all! I am currently seriously looking to buy a Tamagotchi+color, and the only way to get one is to buy one online. I am really after either a black one or the cream&pink shell colors. However I can't find any for sale anywhere! Are these two colors very rare or something? I wonder if any will crop up soon. Anyway my next choice will be the orange design. But I can only find one seller on Ebay selling one and s/he is has not responded yet to my message of asking for a photo of the actual product. My other option would be buying one off YesAsia.com. But that's my last resort as the prices there are quite expensive! Has anyone bought one off that website? What I would like is for you to post pictures of your TMGC+C! I want to see the actual colors of the product, not the digital image found online. Thank you for your help!
  11. Hmm okay, thanks. It sounds like the iD has hardly any features without the infrared downloads. I don't have a phone with IR anymore sadly. Ah decisions.....
  12. I am looking for a list of differences regarding to features between the Tamagotchi iD and TMGC+color, because I am going to buy one, but cannot truly decide which one. I like the look of the iD much better, and how it's a streamlined shape etc... I will probably get the iD but the thing that's holding me back is how it compares with the Color in terms of features. However, which one has better lastibility? By that I mean new features, games, things to do etc. I don't have the phone download thing, so I don't really care about that. But is that necessary if you want to get all the characters etc? Thank you!
  13. I'm considering buying one as well, from Ebay though. But I don't know ANY Japanese. xD It sure looks awesome!