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  1. I just heard the news!!! my firends dad works for bandai america and there going to be an x-tama!!! its like all the versions 1-4.5 combined with coloured pixals! ooooh i cants wait!! Its supposed to be coming out j7uly 26th! it l;okks like v4 except 2 entenais on either side!~\\\
  2. just praise or discipin a tama when it cries or gets mad lol
  3. I now think since you saids that the tips and tricks section has became FULL of tips and tricks! What a big improvment in such little time! Santatgotchi--
  4. well, then you probably have missed something during the process. What type of tamagotchi is it? is it a connexion, devilgotchi,angelgotchi or connection? because connexions don't debug as far as i know. Santatgotchi//
  5. actually, I made this topic about 4-5 months ago. (That's how long it's been on!) and I've seen LOADS of topics on how to debug, some more detailed than others. Anyway, this is not chat room. And questions keep coming up saying: "how do I undebug?" "How do I debug?" If you want an aswer why don't you actually read the guide? It tells you how to debug because i did it myself and it tells you how to debug (or I already posted a reply sating how to undebug) this could be pinned and closed for good because this is becoming a little to much. I wouldn't be surprised if sometime there was more replys on here than there was topics on the whole tips and tricks section! Santatgotchi//
  6. Yeah, when you debug your tama you have tounscew these tiny little scews.
  7. Yes, the username that you pick determines what your codes rom the king are. Too get codes from the king, you must submit 9000 points to the king and he will give you a code. Go onto and go to the king and submit the code that you got from the king. He will then, let you in and you can get many other codes on the EXACT same username as the one on your V3. Hope that solved your problem Tamaninja
  8. Yeah it is pretty cruel. Your tama can get messed.
  9. Im sorry but ive already answered the "unebugging" question. Please go back a few posts and surly you will wind the answer. Thanks Santatgotchi
  10. Thank you very much Matthewbriagotchi. Here are some of the questions answered: I used a phillips head screwdriver ( a very small one) to undo the screws, and yes, you can undebug your tama. You undebug it by repeating the process untill you come the the part where you draw the line inbetween the circles except this time, you erase the line. Then, go through the process backwards Hope that solved some problems Santatgotchi
  11. I think i understand it. He is just pointing out how to identify "fake" Tamagotchies. Really helpful to make sure you dont buy a fake, but chould be in the tips and tricks section. sorry Santatgotchi
  12. Im sorry but this is not allowed. As the guides had mentioned before, There are web advertisements allowed in this section. I dont realkly know why this is still open but try not to do it again. Just folow the rules to make TamaTalk a better plae than it already is! thanks santatgotchi
  13. Yeah, i think it would be cool to ahve a complete list of all the shop items for V3? I think it would. santatgotchi--