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  1. I myself don't know much about 2 tamgotchi marrage, It's pretty complicated.
  2. Hey everyone, I was just at my local Wal-mart and I found the V2!!!! It's th connection V2, and it's definately not a fake. So all of you who live in Canada, check out your local Wal-mart!!! P.S: V2 is very cool!!! I'm on the toddler stage and have a marutchi!!
  3. Wow!! This is an old topic, just look at all the first 50 members who posted on it!!! Still, I don't think you guys should've brought it back..I think Admin and The TamaGuides are trying to prevent old topics being brought back to life. (Sorry if there not! Just somethin' I heard....)
  4. Woo!!!! Dogs all the way!!!!!
  5. Yes, In the UK they have Tamagotchi connection and connexion version 2 out, but not in North America yet.
  6. Id just let the happiness/ hungry meter drop to 0 hearts. If it does that once, you automatically get a bad character, no matter how you treat it from then on.
  7. Who's been bad-mouthing Admin!?!?! Admin rules!!! Anyone who claims not to like him is just wanting attention....
  8. Do I like it?!?! DO I LIKE IT!?!?!? I love TamaTalk!! It's allways the first place I go to if I have anything to say about Tamagotchis!!!!
  9. This thread is more like an ager management thread then a contest complaint thread.... lol.. :( :(
  10. Yeah, I too think that the Tamagotchi connection V2's are coming out in July or August. Bandai saiys so, and all those sites you pre-order from say so. And besides, that's when the V1 was released, was it not?
  11. Pip


    Taken from Tamagotchi.com> Stay connected Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This can't be happening!!!!!!!! I thought it was going to be out in the next month or two, but in the summer!?!?!?! This is just a living nightmare......
  12. I dunno... Go here and you'll see that Bandai said the same things to "Tamagotch Fans". They replaced a few words and replaced "Valued TamaTalk Members" with Tamagotchi Fans...
  13. lol Moldo..heh I like that name. Anyways, congrats on the mimitchi!
  14. lol I reeeeally think it's to early to think about Tamagotchi Version 3. I mean, like previously said, Tamagotchi Version 2's justcame out, so I don't know if Bandai's even thought about it. Besides, if there ever was a Tamagotchi version 3, I don't think it would be called that. I mean, I doubt Bandai would start the "version 1, version 2, version 3, version 4..." thing anyway.