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  1. My Music star band, The Blu Sinks, will be THE GREATEST Rush cover band ever!

  2. The Tama-go. Bandai's answer to the +color and the iD for the west. I thought it was great, it had features that mimic the +color, and customizable faceplates Cool beans right? Then I found out about the gotchi figures...multiple COLLECTIBLE figures. Thanks to my compulsive personality I now must buy them all as they are released. My poor wallet! Rather than release free downloads like with the iD, we must pay 6.99 a pop for additional figues if we want the full tama-go experience. Why, bandai, why can I quit you!
  3. Girl, as a competitive battler, a can easily say this. Your team is nothing to write home about. First off Samurott, while my starter of choice, doesn't have what it takes to really shine in player vs. player battles. Worst of all, you have FOUR water type attacks on him. that is a big mistake, as he can easily me walled by a water resistant pokemon with great S Def., such as Jellicent. Reshiram..., I'm not even going to start. It's usually look down upon as unfair to use a legendary pokemon unless battling with other legendary users. Unfezant: outclassed by other flying types, like staraptor and even then, they are not used that often. Darmanitan: The pokemon itself has great potential, but yours doesn't even carry a fire attack for STAB damage and you don't need all those fighting type attacks. one will do. Zebstrika: Walled by a ground type, easily KO'd Whimsicott: NOT meant for offense. It has poor attack and S.Atk. Meant as a supporter thanks to it's ability Prankster and it's amazing movepool. That being said here's my oudated Sandstorm team that I love too much to change. Tyranitar Swampert Cradily Gliscor Lucario Garchomp
  4. I ban MISC because I need some money...
  5. I ban Crikeys Because his username reminds me of Crickets (the bug, not the sport)
  6. I keep my tama's weight as low as it can go. For me Right now It's 20 lbs. I'ts NOT an adult
  7. Oniontchi is right. Sorry, but "twins" are just a myth. There is no confemed way fo getting twins
  8. I ban DarkCore for obvious resons. I'll give you a clue....applesause
  9. I ban MISC because I'm hyped up on candy.
  10. I ban DarkCore because I have gone banning crazy!
  11. because you don't play but your a player Why do my shoes stink?
  12. I ban DarkCore because my mom wants to use the phone so I have to leave the internet real fast. I'll be back in like 10 minutes.
  13. I ban DarkCore because it's not the same as seeing her every day.
  14. Sorry, I had to say it. I ban DarkCore because I don't have a funny remark to post.
  15. I ban DarkCore because my friend can make fart noises with his eyelids
  16. I ban DarkCore because I misspelled "ban" (heh, dan...)
  17. I ban DC because I am 14 (heck yes!!!) and that I don't bother typing his full name.
  18. I dan DarkCore because he is 11 and he had a GirlFriend *cough* player *cough*
  19. I ban Anime girl because my Gf moved....
  20. Because you wish you were Dark to the Core. Why does everything I stand for turns on me to spite me?
  21. BECAUSE TYPING IN CAPITAL LETTERS IS FUN. Why do schools make you carry SO MANY heavy books?
  22. Because pointy things are sharp Why don't they invent self-cleaning rooms?