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  1. children can only reach four smiley faces. when they are adults they should automatically have 4 hearts and the heart in particular doesnt rly mean anything. the difference between a good present and a bad present does if you are trying to build from two adults, that is probably the only time u see the 'best friends combonation' (2 hearts 2 smilies)
  2. personally, i dont think that tams have 'karma' the generations dont build on each other so, if you start over, with only the intention of getting one and being determind, then your chances should be greater? unless you mean the waiting time. i wouldnt think that was very relevant.
  3. dont forget, changing the clock can mess with your tamas life schedule
  4. mmmmmmmm i dont believe that if you reset you have a better chance. unless you are getting rid of a neglected tam however, they are different gens so you arent going to get a pair if you start them both on gen1 you can get 2 young mamets or two mimits but not the same if they are the same gen i think this should clear up your questions.
  5. it depends, i think on the birthday or possibly if you pause it
  6. bill is not a rarer char becuase he has no 'gotchi' hes a secret char from G1/G2 (i forget which one) *g1/2 are the original tams i think its nice that for once bandai left the char intact (neva had bill so i dont noe if they killed the animation) so, yes it is unusual, but its not because its unusual that it makes him rarer. its just the way it was 16 or so years ago.
  7. lol, it may be boring ( i certantly dint think so, there are secret tams and u can challenge urself to a 100 year old tam, get to gen 99, stuffs like that) but useless? neway, all u need to do to undebugg is erase the debug marks. if u accidentaly do the wrong one, however, im not sure what u can do. ON TOPIC: no, thats not really correct. i suggest u visit a tama help site and my words may be confusing and cause u to break ur tamagotchi. u take off the backplate u should see the battery (silver coin?) the reset button, and the sound holes in the corners of the tama that once were hidden u can see 4 screws. unscrew those. then, open up the back. be careful not to snap any wires!!! beside where the battery hole was, u should see two half circles which form a circle this big or smaller: O it should have debug written next to it. MAKE SURE THAT ITS NOT SOME OTHER HALF CIRCLE. YOU MAY PERMANTLY DAMAGE UR TAMA take a dull pencil (a mechanical my scratch the debug circles) fill in the circles put it back together and press reset! if it didnt work, u can try as many times as u need to
  8. wellllllll whi i said some people call it cheating.... the cure to un- debug it is to undo the 'surgery' i dont myself as an owner of 2 debugged tamas think it is lame. its much easier to take care of (ex: if ur busy with school) and secret tams too however, i HAVE broken a tamagotchi doing it (i got a bit carried away and i opened up the whole thing and turned the screen around and stuff like that ) so, its ur choice to debug or not (BTW: my debuggeds are V2s. i have no idea how it would affect a v3 differently, what with all the other things in it)
  9. well, all will be worthwhile i dont have to deal with it because mine are v2s lol its not really that weird once u get used to it ^^
  10. in case u dont have a connexion, and a connection: it should be somewhere below the battery circle also, its quite small, bout the size of this o: O i think thats about right.. this is smaller then u think good luck with your debugging!
  11. there are quite a few posts about debugging already i suggest u check out some tama help sites for the full information debugging is a process in which u preform surgury (well, u noe what i mean) on the tama and u can pick any characters for the first generation and there is also hypermode ups of debugging: hypermode, get to 20 generations in 4 days type of a thing. and the first generation, secret tams, all kinds of stuff downs of debugging: you can permantly damage ur tam in the process, not somthing i would recomend if u only have 1 or 2 and dont want to lose them (i have debugged 2 of my 7 tamas) also some ppl think its cheating sry if someone beat me to the post, i type slow EDIT: well, no one did, so im okies ^^
  12. OMG ITS HOUSE!!!!! ON TOPIC: your tamagotchi will turn three when u named it (around that time) if u did not pause it. (a day, basically ) so, give or take the time u paused it for, u should find its basic birthday time (when it should change into an adult) i like to watch for the evolving time myself so good luck with that
  13. its not a lie. u need to keep connecting the time that they mate is 24 hours or more after the love potion is used. so, to make them mate u need to keep connecting simple
  14. you cant trade presents that you have bought in the store with your friends. however your tamas can still exchange 'presents' that they have chosen themselves [aka, a flower, a cake, a snake, nothing..] your tamas can still make friends with others ^0^ it was bugging me too, since i only have one v3 and the rest are v2s EDIT: everyone in your neighborhood has a tama???? wow.
  15. mmmm. every tama has a slightly different beep. i dint think this will not affect your tama in any way growth-wise. it probably got bumped a bit too hard one day i would suggest cleaning the battery or seeing if its all the way in correctly.. could help a bit, u noe? but overall, it wont affect your tama. also, i had a theory that the more u use ur tama the more, worn out it can get, yes? for example, my red tama (almost a year old now ^0^) has a very low pitched beep when compared with my newer tams. which still arent that new but......