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  1. Does it come from the worst care of all?
  2. 2:59 and 6:59 works for me, not 10:29, but of course i never tried 10:29
  4. Please vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love kutchipatchis !!!
  5. what character do you keep getting?
  6. no no no no no no no no! use present. ok if u connect a lot, stop connecting for like a day or too, then connect the next day and it works pretyt much everytime please take my advice, don't connect for like a day then after a day connect with PRESENT and they will have a baby! i really hopes this helps
  7. im here. sorry tam. i pmed you
  8. its great but some of them are false.
  9. Tamagotchi's Name: Baily Tamagotchi's Age: 3 years Date of Birth: ?? Date of Passing: ?? What Generation? 4 Your Comments: Baily!!! i miss u!!! why did u have to go? none of my tamas died before you! i have had ur generation line since the beginning. you were suppose to turn into an adult but you left me before you ever got a chance to. If you hear this, I LOVE YOU BAILY. you were a hinotamachi (fire guy) before you passed.
  10. i dont think so but my friend ali breeded either 2 boys or 2 girls and they had a baby. . . so i voted yes