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  1. Heh,I probably won't get that much karma.
  2. I ban you for not welcoming MISC (me) back.
  3. Thank you for bring this up,I hate it when that happens. e.e
  4. Cangatulations! I've nearly been on for a year now. That is so cool. I enjoyed reading that story,also. And happy Birthday to sweet kandi's dog!
  5. You are not allowed to advertise websites.
  6. It's okay,on a scale of 72% you should get it in my opinion.
  7. I think it works,if i'm wrong try contact Bandai. =]
  8. On a version3? I'm not sure,try contacting Bandai.
  9. They usally last for over a year or so.
  10. I ban you for not having a avatars that involves a person.