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  1. Im from THE UK my dad went down to toys-r-us and he saw... blue aves.. seehtrough green and cow coloured one so yes they are out in zie uk
  2. Ok! so here it is!, I'm from the uk and im desperate fro a v3 DOES anyone acctually know when they will be available in the uk? PLEASE answer! im soooo desperate!
  3. Ok..... I have a Tamagotchi connexion, do they celebrate holidays? if so then what on4es?
  4. Okay i live in the UK so i should have Tamagotchi Connexion! But My coloured Tamgotchi is not seen in the Uk..... I have a Dark Pink one with yellow Border with Tamagotchi across the top and purple buttons....... I also have a Light green one with a darker green border and as before the word Tamgotchi across the top..... so what do i acctually have..... a Tamagotchi plus? connexion or connection?????????? Is there anything i can test to find out??????
  5. I had a mameichi or however you spell it and mine went bed at 9:00 not 10:))
  6. Lol! last night my mamechi had a bath followed by brushing it's teeth then after it started making it's bed lol maybe it was just getting ready for beddy-bies
  7. My tamagotchi just gave birth to a baby boy, what on earth should i name it.... Pm some ideas or reply and i will let you know what i eventually pick
  8. Hey does anyone know how to change your birthday that you told it? i just punched anything in now i want to set it to my real birthday so i get cake ^-^ how do i do it? and also mine is 8 and no matchmaker is this normal, PM is you want to help
  9. Uh hi..... just wondering i have a Mimichi, tamagotchi conexion (europe) and it is 7 :S when does the matchmaker come? or is it to late?