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  1. In version 1 it is good because you there are only two toddlers programmed in the game. No character on V1 is "bad". You can treat your tama EXACTLY the same and there is a possibillity you can get both toddlers. So if you have V1 it is good. That should answer your question. If you have another version, I do not know.
  2. I hope my info helped you! A H:Everyone I know hates Hitodetchis!
  3. uh wats heading and slots? and do you have to jump 30 hurdles everytime or jump any number of hurdles?
  4. Mad Cow has not even came where I live. I have no clue why people are so scared of bird flu.
  5. I like the lanyards! Where did you get them?
  6. I have never heard of any of them.
  7. Uh, what is bump? I have never heard of it.
  8. I know! There are a lot of kids that have Tamagotchis so here is the info and I asked them the question so I will give EXACT info. (that I know of anyway) I have added extra interesting details that might make your speech paper sound more exciting. I have added the most popular into groups of the stages, baby,toddler,teen and adult (I also added another colum on some secret characters on the current tamas) Most Common: Kuchipatchi Least Common:Hanatchi Most Popular:list- Baby: babychi (boy & girl) toddler: Marutchi (some people think it looks like Pac-Man) Kinkoamonchi (my friends call him "the nut dude") Teens: Ichiogotchi ("ichio" means strawberry, also known as the strawberry dude) Hinotamachi ("Hino" means fire,also known as the fireball guy) Young Mimitchi (some people mistaken Young Mimitchi with Young Mametchi, differance? Young Mimetchi is popular and the other one is not) Onionchi (also known as the onion dude, it made two of my friends cry whebn they got it! LOL!) Adults: Mametchi (one of the first characters) Mimitchi Kuchipatchi (some people think this character is related to the duck, mistaking for Kiwichi for some people and Kiwichi is VERY unpopular,one of the first characters) Memetchi (popular for cuteness) Tarakoachi (this character had a HUGE make-over since the first tamagotchi,one of the first characters) Hanatchi (some people say it has bad allergys) Robotchi (belived to be made out of a robot that fell apart) Masketchi Gonzarutchi (the ninja dude) Odlies: Okokitchi Ojitchi Secret Character: Oyajitchi Nazochi Least popular: Puchitchi Shiropuchitchi Hitodetchi Kuribotchi Prepelloretchi Ufotchi Ringotchi Young Mametchi Nikatchi Hinatchi Furawatchi Toratchi Kaelutchi Hatenatchi Marumimitchi Cho Himetchi Pyonchitchi Ginjirotchi Pochitchi Nyorotchi Kusatchi Takotchi Kiwitchi Debatchi Dorotchi Kabutchi Urutchi Hiratchi Zuccitchi Butterflytchi Flowerchi That is all I know for know. Use any info from that you need.
  9. Try Froogle and yard sales. (and ebay)
  10. Good for you. I won a rare tama on ebay. it never came!
  11. No chat threads are allowed on TamaTalk. This should be closed, so I will get a guide to close this.
  12. This is off-topic! Please do not post a post that has nothing to do with the topic. And I have 4 V1s at the moment. I am trying to get all twelve V1s. (I am a V1 collector.) The V1s I have are in my signiture.