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  1. Yay!! It's been one year on TamaTalk!! :D
  2. My first tamagotchi was but the battery died so this year I got another tamagotchi and that first one was
  3. I had that character many times!! btw I like your tamagotchi! (not the character the design)
  4. Well mine is soo simple! (Tom-uh-go-crazy) Tama like Tamagotchi
  5. I like the second one the best "Hey! I didn't get a good night kiss!" lol I'm making those kinda things too! They are really fun!
  6. Oooo! YAY I had 19 items but too much food!!! so I ate some and it works!! Thank you!
  7. Oh!! I know what you mean!! Look here Look for the tamagotchi with the name "paparatchi"
  8. Lets face the facts Some people (like me *blush*) play with their Tamagotchi(s) at school only when there tamagotchi NEEDS the attention and the sound is off Other people play with their tamagotchi(s) even when it doesn't need it and plays with it non stoped with the sound off (doing this will get you more likely embaressed with the risks) And other people pause their tamagotchi and don't even bring it to school also people may leave the sound on pause their tamagotchi and bring it to school No matter what people choose to do no one can stop them no matter how much people say "It's bad!!" So face it! No one here can tell anyony what to do with their tama at school.
  9. Well your only done with the shop once there is a royal flag on it...It is 3 stories with a flag on top (unless that's what you mean by "seal") I finished the game with royal flags on everything it's cool actually but I wont ruin the surprize
  10. It's annoying!! >.< It worked for me 3 times and I did it again and BOOM it tuned to ash
  11. Hmm...I...love...TAMAS!!!! I can NOT wait for january I need one so I'll order online!!! *evil grin*
  12. Yes. It's not a glitch it's normal
  13. Umm yes but that's off topic. I need help and they were gonna give a gift to me Now I cant give gifts to anyone anymore
  14. Okward...so...hmm...could you give us more info?