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  1. Happy Bday and come back!!

  2. I guess I did it wrong or something but it's stuck in hyper mode and no guide I read said anything about that, and I have no idea how to debug it.
  3. It's such a pretty name!!!!!!

  4. Hahaha woo!


    Effy is my favorite name, ever.

  5. HAHAHAH CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're the first person to figure it out ;D

  6. because the world would explode if there was. Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?
  7. I saw your tamagotchi names,

    Skins, right? haha.

    Amazing show.

  8. Oh, well I became a scientist, and when I go, I get intelligence points. so...
  9. I doubt anyone has the same guys as me. 1. Cameron Argon. ( 2. Scott Weiland 3. Bradly Cooper 4. Michael C Hall 5. Desmond Harrington I have girl crushes on 1. Megan Fox lulz.
  10. I had one of those robot dogs, and it had its eyes stuck on hearts. and it was making weird noises. And my little sister had a talking toy grill, that randomly while I was trying to sleep, started talking, and singing. And it wouldn't stop.
  11. Not as in school, but their job. I know that when you go to school, you stop getting skill points after a while. Is it the same when your tama has a job? Its a v4 tamagotchi.