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    What is this?!?!

  2. K-Rock

    Why did this happen...?

    your tama will also lose hearts twice as fast when it has a baby because those hearts are for itself and the baby
  3. K-Rock

    matchmaker and bithdays

    another word of advice, maybe u should have set the right date of your birthday beforehand
  4. i read instructions for everything so i don't break it, like i always beat my friends at their own video games the first time i play and they've been playin for months because they didn't read the instructions
  5. K-Rock

    My tama is over weight!

    i think a babies overweight when it's over 15lbs
  6. looks like they covered it
  7. K-Rock

    Plese tell me why this is so!

    hey kelly, if thats not on your tamagotchi tales site u should put it on there, it's good advice
  8. i remember mine, it was one of the rarest colors, i don't know what happened to it though
  9. K-Rock


    try to get a onionotchi*(i'm not sure if i spelled this right) as a teen and then it will most likely become a tarakotchi, sorry that i don't know how to get a onionotchi, also when your tama grows up try breeding with a tarakotchi and the baby might grow up into it, i hoped i helped
  10. i like them all but really like kutchipatchi the best
  11. K-Rock

    Worst favourite adult tama.....

    yeah i love kutchipatchi's 2
  12. it's not really a good tip post, is it, more like a swear/fight post
  13. K-Rock

    If anyone needs help....

    the website is awesome but here are some tips: 1.too much advertising 2.the sleeping section is wrong, each teen and adult has a certain time it goes to sleep and wakes up 3.it would be better if all da tips were on 1 page i hope you'll consider my tips, but still, your website is awesome!
  14. K-Rock

    Worst favourite adult tama.....

    i love all tama's!