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    Kansas, U.S.A.
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    I have a HUGE passion for rescuing/rehabing exotic and misunderstood creatures, and for educating people about them. This is my life career. I own approximately 150 animals that I use for educating myself and others about their species.

    I have several interests/hobbies as well. I love video games, especially Pokemon and other RPGs, collecting and raising Tamagotchi, ballroom dancing, Kat Von D cosmetics, reading books about animal care and behaviour, and last...but certainly not l east.......I LOVE being a part of TamaTalk! :D

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    Retro, baby! hehe I LOVE P1& P2, Morino, V1&V2(not retro but close), Mothra, Genjintch, V3, and the newest version TamaTown TamaGo.
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    Zatchi, Pipotchi, Butterflytchi, Kuchipatchi and the P2 character that grew out of a flower pot.
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    2x TamaGo

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  1. Aubrey Hepburn

    Early Bird or Night Owl?

    I generally go to sleep around 7-8 a.m. and get up by 3 p.m. I have always been up at night for at least the past 10 years, and I don't seem to be able to change it, so I go with it. It is a LOT harder to get out and go very many places before everything closes on this schedule, but it can't be helped right now.
  2. Aubrey Hepburn

    Tamagotchi to return as an app for iOS and Android

    I have to get a smart phone first. O_o
  3. I've never heard a bad song from this group from Denmark...ever. Definitely my fave band. Anyone else listen to them?
  4. Aubrey Hepburn

    What would you do with a million dollars?

    Turn my (somewhat) small scale reptile and bird rescue facility and sanctuary into the best one around! I'd also get myself the Missouri Foxtrotter horse that I so badly want to have again. I'd treat my boyfriend to something(s) special, and help out my family with the things that they need, as well as get each of them some things that they just want but can't afford. I have a feeling I'd be like one of the "secret santas" who randomly hand out money to those who seem to genuinely need it. Mostly, though, it would go toward securing a good future for my exotics rescue and education work. That's really what I want to do most in this world.
  5. Aubrey Hepburn

    Whats the last thing you ate?

    Fall Party Cake and Sweet Tea from McD's. After roast and potatoes. Still
  6. Aubrey Hepburn


    I don't know how often they occur in your area,but you need to look up local bird shows/bird expos. I purchased a really nice split cage for the 2 Starlings that I keep in the house at an expo for 25 or 30 dollars. I NEVER buy cages at pet stores or whatever...they are insanely expensive. Or, look into making your own aviary/cage out of small weave plastic mesh and a light wooden frame. I've done that, too, for my other 8 Starlings.
  7. Aubrey Hepburn

    Help needed...?

    That actually sounds like a Dinkie-type pet, which are notorious for the buttons not working properly after little usage. If so, the book is the Education level your pet is writing/learning.
  8. Aubrey Hepburn

    Eye colours

    Mine are Hazel, but more of a coppery/green, depending on the day.
  9. Aubrey Hepburn

    What are you wearing right now?

    DeathNote shirt with L on it(just scored at Hot Topic!!) and denim shorts.
  10. Aubrey Hepburn

    Stuff you are obsessed with

    ^^Regardless of how much you love that character...that is an obsession that is not particularly good for you, EMF. :/
  11. Aubrey Hepburn

    Tama ID L at a garage sale.

    You have lived my dream. xD
  12. Aubrey Hepburn

    Stuff you are obsessed with

    I've never tried bubble tea,but I just can't go a day without brewing some of my vast array of Chinese looseleaf teas. Seriously! I suppose you could say I'm obsessed with it. xD
  13. Aubrey Hepburn

    How late do you stay up? >8D

    I usually stay up til 8-9am.
  14. Aubrey Hepburn

    What were you like as a really young kid?

    I was serious, quiet, and always out in the woods and creek studying reptiles and insects. An odd child. I am not much different today. xD
  15. Aubrey Hepburn

    Sleeping Tricks

    Staying awake so long I feel like I'm going to faint.Works quite well, actually, though I wouldn't recommend it. lol