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    Kansas, U.S.A.
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    I have a HUGE passion for rescuing/rehabing exotic and misunderstood creatures, and for educating people about them. This is my life career. I own approximately 150 animals that I use for educating myself and others about their species.

    I have several interests/hobbies as well. I love video games, especially Pokemon and other RPGs, collecting and raising Tamagotchi, ballroom dancing, Kat Von D cosmetics, reading books about animal care and behaviour, and last...but certainly not l east.......I LOVE being a part of TamaTalk! :D

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    Retro, baby! hehe I LOVE P1& P2, Morino, V1&V2(not retro but close), Mothra, Genjintch, V3, and the newest version TamaTown TamaGo.
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    Zatchi, Pipotchi, Butterflytchi, Kuchipatchi and the P2 character that grew out of a flower pot.
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    2x TamaGo

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