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  1. Before I get to the coolness, here's a couple new things I've got to add. (Well, not all are so new...) 1. Still no title 2. I'm working on a script Now the get a sneak preview of the comics script. This is just a part after they go outside for a quick 5 minute break and Alexx and Melly find some "pets". Alexx: JANET! I FOUND A PET!!!!! Janet.: Oh God, what is it this time? Alexx: THIS IS WIGGLES! (Holds up worm) ISN'T HE CUTE?! Janet: Whatever. Melly: Alexx? Alexx: Wha? Melly: Wanna meet my pet? Alexx: OOH! IS IT A FRIEND FOR WIGGLES?!! Melly: (Evil smile) Yeah...yeah...a friend... Alexx: Wait a... Melly: Meet Gulls! (Shows Alexx a seagull) Alexx: Oh crap! That's a... (Gulls flies towards Alexx and grabs Wiggles from her hand) Alexx: WIGGLES! NOOO!! Gulls: (burps) Alexx: YOUR DEMENTED BIRD ATE MY WIGGLES!!!! (Everyone else is laughing) Alexx: Hmph! STOP LAUGHING AT ME AND LAUGH AT...THIS!! (Alexx opens window and Gulls flies out) Melly: Oh no she didn't. Sorry, but that's all you get so far. I might show you a couple more sneak peeks, otherwise, you'll have to wait for the finishing of the comic to see any more. Oh! I will post some character profiles, so you can get to know them better and as soon as I finish my title page, you guys will get to see. And please don't criticize my drawing coz it's just for fun. If I want art critics, I'll ask for em. So, I'll fill ya in on more soon! *Calleigh
  2. I can't change Melly to Melanie because that is MellyMilly's character and Melly is just short for Melisa. Everyone has their same names, except for a couple peeps. Like me, for one. Alexx really is crazy. Today, she was fooling around coz we have a camera on our bus that goes to the office in school and she was dancing like a stripper and then pervertedly said, "Hey, Mr. should come for a ride!" (Mr.Buysen is our principal!!) And then she asks Janet if the bus has a microphone with the camera and it did! So eventually, he will hear that!!! XD We couldn't stop laffin at Alexx then.
  3. Well, I've been riding the school bus home from school every day and it is so funny on that bus, I decided to make a comic about it. All the same names, well almost all, but I made up the last names and added a couple characters! Here's what I got so far: CHARACTERS: Calleigh - My character. Fun and crazy too, but definetely not as crazy as Alexx. Melly - Melly's character. Loud and proud and hyperness. Always has energy. Cee - Cee's character. Pretty much like Melly. Alexandra 'Alexx' Davis - The crazy girl that's always screaming and usually told that if the driver had a dollar for every time Alexx yelled her name, she'd be rich. She also wants t be the girlfriend of singer Enrique Iglesias. Teased about her "boyfriend", Fred Finger. Malina Doe - Malina is not that loud but often complains of Alexx and loves teasing her about Fred Finger. Martan Doe - Malina's younger brother who likes bugging Alexx, Ronya and Kristin. Fred Finger - Made up by some of the Alexx buggers. He doesn't exist and apparantely is called Alexx's boyfriend. Ronya Ede - Loud and often bugged by Chris and Tyler and they also call her Rona to bug her. Kristin Barracuda - Ronya's best friend and pretty good friends with Alexx and Malina. Also bugged by the annoying guys. Chris Tucker - One of the annoying guys on the bus. Loves to bug Ronya the most out of anybody. Tyler James - Chris's friend that often has a completely torn up bus pass and people often complain about him and his annoyingness. Adrena Williams - The pretty girl that pretty much everyone knows and is often referred to as 'the one who scared the younger peoples'. Denny Jordan - Calleigh's boyfriend who tends to bug people. Benny Parker - Fun and silly too. He loves bugging people, mainly the girls. John Harrison - A usually quiet guy who likes to listen to his music player 95% of the time. Courtney Gemini - A quiet girl who hardly ever talks. Maria Elliosi - One of Calleigh's friends. Usually not that loud and complains about Alexx a lot. Belinda Ongero - Maria's best friend who's pretty quiet most of the time and talks pretty fast. She is known to be very smart and a good artist. Victoria Parker - Benny's four year old sister. Really cute and loud and likes to hang out with the bus driver's kids. Janet Walker - The fun, cool bus driver that gets along well with all the kids and usually bugs Alexx. Sidney Walker - Janet's baby daughter that can't really speak much and sits at the front seat with her brother. Grant Walker - Janet's three year old son who is usually quiet and with the teachings of the bus kids, he has a little attitude. Ivan - Calleigh's 9 year old brother who is super annoying and practically in love with his video games. Dennis - Melly's younger brother who is th same age as Ivan and Ivan's best friend. Just as annoying and into his games as Ivan is. There might be additional characters that pop up sometimes or just once. STORY: Calleigh, Cee and Melly decide to take a vacation but the thing is, they need to bring their brothers along iwth them. Now, it definetely ain't their idea of fun to go on a 84 hour bus ride with two nine years along with them. They invite their two guy friends, Benny and Denny along with Benny's sister Victoria and get ready for the trip of their lives. On the bus, they meet tons of new people haeding the same way as them and a couple people heading in different directions. The girls have some fun times and some not so fun times while on the bus and make a lot of new friends! How does that sound to you guys? The next one will focus on when they're actually in the city where they're vacationing. So Far, I've been working on the title page and the title. *Calleigh
  4. I personally did not like her performance at all. It was an obvious lip sync. But I do agree with a lot of people to leave her weight alone coz she did have two kids and people are now critising, saying "Britney's SO fat!" Right....I'd like to see anyone who says that get up there. >.> But the outfit was too much...WTF was that?
  5. Girls: * Calleigh * Alexx (not Alexandra, just Alexx. double x ) * Brooke Guys: * Adam * Ryan * Nick
  6. Still no ideas. >.> I just can't think o one single thing. Remember, it can be totally random. Some examples o already been used ideas: •Dog, Beth and Tim set out to find their fugitive, Cheese. Cheese is captured and they entrust Tim to drive them to the jail. Tim is seen with a Pikachu on his shoulder and randomly decides to go to Las Vegas. Incidently, they end up in Das Vegas, some unknown city in the middle of nowhere and they run out of gas. Lyssa later shows up, claiming she hitch hiked. Eventually, their car is fixed and they head home. It ends with Tim deciding to go to New York. •Lyssa and Beth are fooling around with Leland's hair and accidently make him a blondie. Dog cracks up from laughter and in attempt to un-dye his hair, the two dye his hair pink and put it into curls. •Cee and Dee are put in charge of watching Gary and Bonnie Jo while Beth and Dog go out. Things start out fine but the kids apparently have handcuffs and decide to play bounty hunters. They tie the girls up upside down and hang them upside down in the living room. Cee and Dee are POed at Dog and Beth. See? Random. Randomness is awesome. ~Dee
  7. I have one. He is the amazing, almighty Chester! He's a Maine Coon cat. He is a greyish brownish tabby who's really loud and annoying and kinda spoiled. I wub him so much!
  8. I am a blonde but I sometimes make fun of myself with the blonde jokes. A moment I had was when we walked into the motel room in British Columbia, you could see the TV right away and I did see it. So I walked in and looked around and then raced from room to room and finally shouted, "Where's the TV?!!". I walked back into the room and looked right at the TV and said, "This stupid place has no TV." Then I noticed that I was looking at the TV the whole time! XD About the blonde jokes, I once was talking with a friend about it after a guy said something like "Speak slowly! They're blonde!" K: Ignore him. Dee: Yeah... he's no smarter than a donkey. K: Who the heck decided brunettes were so amazing? Dee: God? K: (Looks at me) Maybe he was right. So yeah, I do say pretty stupid things sometimes but I am smart. Ish. I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I mean... S-M-A-R-T! ~Dee
  9. Calleigh, (Cal-ee) no question about that. I heard the name on CSI Miami and I love that name sooo much. I like the spelling of it too. Or Alexx. Not Alexandra, just Alexx. ~Dee
  10. YAY! congrats sooooo much guys you totally deserved it! we finaly got some new guides. i knew u guys would be here soon!!!! don't ever expect to see me as a guide. i am way too crazy and imature to be one! LOLOL!!!! if i ever did, i'd fal over in my chair laffing.
  11. This is just for fun and retardedness. I LOVE DOG!!!!!!! IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH I'M WRITING EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS AND ADDING WAY TOO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!! I have like 20 Dog DVDs and I want to buy Dog merchandise but i dont know what stores sell them! omg....totally off topic....i just remembered he was arrested last year on september 14 and now know something. melly's birthday is evil federal marshall day! LOL Please get in some ideas by tonite as i need them cos cee is coming over (hopefully) tomorrow mornin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me craziness. grade 7 has made me even more retarded that and alex on the buss. alex is carzy and s o a m i. that spaced looks like a word. soami. is that a word? we need some ideas and if u find me being too random, i think you should know why! (HINT HINT : look up)
  12. It's okay to like what you want. I, personally love reality shows and crime shows like CSI Miami and Crossing Jordan. That's my serious interest.
  13. Dee and Cee are making a comic (the 7th grade ain't interfering with our comix) about Dog the Bounty Hunter. Actually, it's more like finishing. We have so far 34/46 pages complete. It's called The Amazing, Retarded Adventures of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Cee is coming over to me house Saturday and we're planning to finish it. We just need some ideas. You don't need to know about Dog much to add an idea. The six main characters are: Dog -> Main char. and really stupid in comic Beth -> Dog's wife, usually sarcastic and getting POed at Dog and Tim a lot Tim -> Dog's brother, no stupider than Dog Leland -> Dog's son that sometimes messes up but usually keeps things in order Lyssa -> Dog's daughter that is usually on Beth's side but pretty bad when she finds a gun and can tend to steal cars or tie people up then steal their cars Duane Lee -> Dog's other son that is pretty much just like Leland The extra characters are: Gary -> Dog's youngest son that tends to cause trouble for Dee and Cee Bonnie Jo -> Dog's youngest daughter that is the same as Gary Abbie and Travis -> Dog's granddaughter and grandson that are also like Gary and Bonnie Jo. Abbie is Lyssa's daughter Cee and Dee -> Comic artists that show up sometimes Cheese -> From Foster's home of imaginary friends, he just likes to bug Beth and recurringly shows up Fugitives -> Dog's fugitives on the run Random stick men -> They vary from Lyssa's victims to people they run into so just come up with a hilarious idea and we may be able to use it. If we can finish it, we'll begin working on the second one and a new version of the first one for TT to see!! So we only need about 8 stories or so, is that to much to ask? Hopefully not! ~Dee
  14. Nickleback, definetley. I ♥ their songs. Almost all me friendies do too. My fave Canadian singer is Avril Lavigne. Dee
  15. O crap. I completely forgot about this one. I started getting and sending emails about this virus last year and also posted it on tamatalk. But I didn't think so much about it, but now, I'm a little more worried about it. Not so much because I love my computer (I hate it, I want a new one so bad) but the files I have saved on here are important to me. O.O So you're not 'sposed to open the email or the link? I only accept ecards from my auntie, from or my friends. If my friends real names are attached or anything, i'll trust that. but not if it says "from a friend". Hmm...maybe i should re-warn all my friends on email in case they have forgotten or just like to open anonymous emails... I think I will. ~Dee