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    Football,Basketball,Running,Karate,Babsketball etc etc<br>I like my tamas very much my favourite football team is DEFINATELY Manchester United and i play the Electric Guitar, Recorder and many more instruments i am interested in music my favourite band though is certainly U2 as they are the BEST BAND EVER! and as you see on my signature that Chico SHOULD of won the X Factor as he was far better than the others but Chico time is not over he is going to have several number one for sevaral weeks! i know it and i Skateboard and stuff and i am MAN COOL! that is just a bit of my interest but i have many other interest as well as these! and i also think Masktchi are the BEST tam character as i have one at the moment just jumping up and down next to me (lol) i like Rock music specially i like some Pop and i like Metal but Classic no no NO! hate it so much i play a lot of Football (Soccer) and loads of cool stuff i will be welcome as any of your friends if you are looking for a nice friendly friend :-) :-) :-) i have 2 tamas and as i say one of those is the Masktchi character

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  1. Tamagotchi's Name: Bingo Tamagotchi's Age: 29 Date of Birth: Forgot Date of Passing: Forgot What Generation? 2 Your Comments: Why did i have to lose such a BRILLIANT Tama byyyyyyyyyyyye i will miss you!!!!!!
  2. poor you really sorry that your oovely dog has died poor you
  3. Hi bebecakes 95 Welcome to Tama Talk if you want you can go to the Introductions board so more people know you are now a member of Tama Talk i hope you have fun here and i am afraid i dont really know any Version 3 Tama passwords but i will look for them though.
  4. only 2 i concentrate on age not Generation
  5. well i will try and find you some there will be alot of cheats and codes FAQ for the V3 taams but for now just search around tama talk on tamagotchi codes and see what you can find sorry
  6. you should of put more than one language as a choice anyway i peak English French German and Persian
  7. ok i wish i could win it because i have always wanted a V3 and all that time and the shops dont have them in and my Mum wont buy me one