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  1. ...I can't believe people are believing this.
  2. Okay, so what about the people going straight from a v1 to a v3? They wouldn't know this. Look, it's a tip. Regardless of whether most of the people on here know it already or not - it's still a tip that newbies might not know. And your point that it's "common sense" is debatable, since about 70% of the things asked on here are common sense.
  3. Just go to www.ebay.com and search for "blinkies virtual pet" if you wanna see some pictures/info about them. click here to see one. Here's the description of them: "Blinkies are hand-held pets that girls get to know, take care of, play with...and do what girls do! Blinkie has a unique LCD screen that is the window to her feelings. She communicates with her highly emotive eye expressions to let the girl know how to play and become best friends. Girls interact with Blinkie through touch sensors on Blinkie's body. Sensor points give the girl choices on how to respond to Blinkie's emotions and needs that are expressed through Blinkie's eye movements and story & play symbols on the screen area. Anything you can do with a real friend, you can do with Blinkie. Tell secrets, share fashion advice, girl chat....the goal is to keep Blinkie happy to become and stay the ultimate best friends." I've heard that they get quite boring after a day or two.
  4. I think the reason why they come across to some people as "creepy" is because the thought of anything robotic or mechanical moving and speaking of it's own accord could be somewhat scary to some people, especially with the Furby's toneless voice and large, staring eyes! I've always thought they were quite cute, though. Unfortunately mine malfunctioned a while back and kept repeating "Me, hungr...me, me, me hungry...hung, hung, me hung, me, me".
  5. If you're talking about the V3... 1. The second game is bump, isn't it? I think so. You win more points on Get(musicnote) than Bump, but to play Bump you need to press B at the point when the scale is at it's highest. This is your strength level. After that, your tamagotchi will try and "bump" a randomly selected opponent over. It's a pretty hard game to win. 2. Everytime your tamagotchi evolves, you'll be able to play 2 more games. 3. Give your tamagotchi a Time Out when it beeps for attention, but seems fine. Praise it when it beeps for attention (with unempty hearts) and is crying, or has it's back turned on you. 4 .Go here: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=40249 to see which tamagotchi you have.
  6. It's better for someone to make a post clarifying where the bought food goes, rather than have 100 posts asking "I BOUGHT SOME FOOD AND ITS NOT IN MY ITEMS HELP PLZ".
  7. ...The gift will be in your items whether you reset&download the tamagotchi or not. You totally don't have to reset it.
  8. That's like, the v1 growth chart. He wants a v3 one - and unfortunately no one's made one yet.
  9. Sigh. There's never any active internet connection on your tamagotchi. Your tamagotchi does not have a modem nor is it capable of a wireless connection. The antenna is hollow plastic. There for show. Nothing else.
  10. ROM testing, for the people who've asked: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=7607&st=150 Don't post replies on that topic though; it's someone's Tamagotchi Log.
  11. Eh. I think people really need to do a little research into what a "virus" is. A virus is a program written to cause harm to electronic devices - tamagotchis cannot hold programs, nor is there any way to even pick up such a program on a tamagotchi, like someone would on their computer by surfing the net. Passwords put into your tamagotchi work because Bandai has designed the tamagotchi to react to a particular set of letters (or numbers for the v3). Just like they designed it to eat when you select "Meal". Putting in an invalid code from a website will do absolutely nothing except simply not work. Sigh. I'm sick of kids spreading ridiculous rumours.
  12. v3 arctic camo Name: Doll Gen: 1 Gender: girl Age: 4yr Training: 9 Character: billotchi but wearing the nyatchi costume. Weight: 36lb Points: 2358gp - total donation: 1826 v2 blue with flowers & pink buttons Name: Dino Gen: 7 Gender: boy Age: 11yr [figured out that he's so "old" because I left him at the "BOY" screen for a few days after his parent left] Training: 9 Character: nikatchi Weight: 42lb Points: 5764gp
  13. Heh yeah, mine's a teen at the moment at age 9. I left it on the "name" screen for quite a while. Not sure if it happens all the time, this is the first time I've done it, so.
  14. v3 arctic camo Name: Doll Gen: 1 Gender: girl Age: 1yr Training: 4 Character: patapatatchi Weight: 11lb Points: 23gp - total donation: 1826 v2 blue with flowers & pink buttons Name: Dino Gen: 7 Gender: boy Age: 9yr [been pausing a lot.] Training: 4 Character: nikatchi Weight: 17lb Points: 5206gp
  15. That's reeeally not a good idea. Electrostatic discharge can destroy electronics, and charging the battery with static electricty could possibly ruin your tama, even if it works for a while