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  1. I want to WiFi with someone...Message me with your friend code and add me! Name-Allie Town-Harper FC-0473 2541 5358
  2. I say just stick with headbands(soft ones! plastic ones hurt ears) and socks, mittens, purses, that sort of thing. My friend can't wear hardly any jewelry because of her allergies so any jewelry really could set up a reaction.
  3. Don't you know who i think i am by Fall Out Boy
  4. Lately I've been feeling like I want to start up a tama. But I wouldn't be able to care for it at school and I don't like pausing and I wouldn't leave it alone at home...but I kinda want to start one. They're so fun ^.^ But I have a lot of real life pets I need to help care for, too. What do you think I should do? Start one up? Yes/No ~why~
  5. I took my cousins and my tamagotchi to the park today. We built a sand mountain for my tamagotchi. It had a hole for him to sleep in, and he could slide down it. He managed to get sand in every nook n cranny lol but he isn't malfunctioning so thats good. What did your tama do today?
  6. I don't really like any version past V3...starting with V4 they just get really complex.
  7. Where are some cool places your tama has been? I took mine to Summerfest yesterday, and he's going to Niagara Falls and Chicago with me, too!
  8. I'm so glad it's summer! Now I can play with my tama more!! I'm currently playing with my V2 because I like the older, simpler versions better than the newer, complex versions. I have my tama attached the the lanyard and I take it everywhere! It usually stays in my purse though. My tama is coming to Niagara Falls with me next week!! Just wanted to share.
  9. V2 and V3. I don't like the complex ones, I think because you have to worry about bonding and other things, it makes it a lot less fun.
  10. No, I just find it rather immature and pointless.
  11. Honestly I find April Fools Day very immature and pointless. I don't understand how people get joy from it. and this is no joke, I seriously hate April Fools day.