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  1. So today I randomly remembered TamaTalk and I remember how fun it was to be on it so I decided to get back on today and boy can I tell ya it has changed SO much! Anyways, any tips and tricks of how to work around here again? And is there anyone that has joined around the years 2005-2008? Anyways, I'll try to figure all this out on my own but yeah, I sure hope some of my old buddies are still on here but if not I'd be gladly to make new friends! I'm super enthusiastic so don't be afraid to shoot me a message! NINJA
  2. I'm not sure if this has happened with anyone else but here's 2 things I just thought of that really bug me. 1. When you play a soccer team and they don't have their shirts tucked in. I don't know just makes me think you don't look professional. 2. When girls roll up their shorts so the tag hangs out. -NINJA
  3. That's kinda like my mom. Random fact that my mother said to me once: Whenever someone says "Well" they actually say "Wool" check it out next time! -NINJA
  4. This was just kinda random and on my mind. But I gotta say, I really don't like mirrors and cameras...Haha! Reason because you never know what you actually look like. It reverses yourselve! Just thought I'd say that! -NINJA
  5. Ah man swine flu Hopefully it won't come here in Oregon buuuut knowing what's going on around here, it just might! -NINJA
  6. I like my name It's Alina (Ah-leen-ah) But if I could change it, it would either be -Amber -Shelly -Shelby -Bridget -Paige -NINJA
  7. I just thought of the best thing of the eras! Micheal Jackson! Ohhh yeah 80's!! -NINJA
  8. Oh my goodness! Me too! I miss those ol' days! Same with Nickelodeon! Power Puff Girls! Remember that show? Lol -NINJA
  9. Ahh snap I always wonder this the day before and I can never figure out what to wear! Haha To be honest..I don't know! haha, I just know I might curl my hair! -NINJA