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  1. I'm getting a DS in Christmas....at least I hope. O_o;
  2. It's my topic accually. I have 2 accounts. But I never use the dolphin one. Anyway, who bumped up this old topic? I made this topic a LOOOOONG time ago. ...So there's where it was.....
  3. Acually, they took out the v1's out of stores since they have the new v2. Well, they did that in some selected cities but maybe not yours.
  4. Maybe they're the fake type. There are millions of fakes out there...
  5. That's cool. I hope you enjoy it and take care of it!!
  6. Well in the US, I don't think we have them out. Well, I think I'm sure we don't have them out yet. There's A LOT of fake V3's though. In eBay, there's millions of them.
  7. Woah, really? That's cool. I wish I had the dolphin one. It looks so cute and cool!
  8. Oh yeah, that sucks. I don't know how to get to the 4th stage though....
  9. Mutsu's aren't comming that often anymore in eBay as it used to.
  10. Jeez, this topic might get closed if you guys continue fighting.
  11. My sister is a neat freak. She always wants everything perfect. Lol! Clean freak...My mom makes us clean our own room by ourselfs. I never clean mine because I'm too lazy...
  12. Aw, she probably forgot all about it and acedentally left it in her pants. I'm sure she didn't do it on perpose. Alot of people have short turm memory. I do. But please don't go too hard on your sister. You have the most power over her because your older. Please tell her your feelings...but don't be so mean. She probably feels realy bad right now and please don't make her feel any worse. I should know this. I'm the smallest in my family and it's not so easy being the smallest.
  13. 1 word. ANNOYING. They always beep, beep, and beep! Ugh! I even had to turn them off. I have 1 angelgotchi and 1 original.